What is This Guy Doing in The National Party? (sub title Don Brash rides again)

New MP Jamie-Lee Ross opened his parliamentary career yesterday with an excellent speech. It almost reads as if he has been reading this blog. Mr Ross’s speech was a long overdue return to a principled political stance, one that the National Party should hold to firmly but that they currently betray every day.

Its strange that the National Party once had a leader who subscribed to similar principles as Mr. Ross but they dumped Don Brash and instead allowed the leadership to fall into the hands of a vacuous political idiot. Its strange that this idiot now enjoys great support within the National Party. If Jamie Lee really believes the things he said in his speech yesterday, how the hell is he going to get along with his colleagues in the National Party and their empty headed leader, who probably collectively don’t have a clue what Mr Ross was talking about in his maiden speech?

Mr Speaker, I am a staunch believer in limited government. I believe government’s intervention in the lives of New Zealanders must be minimal and only when necessary. I believe the state should provide help to those in need, but on the basis of need, not desire. I believe that government must protect the private and personal security of citizens from foreign or domestic attack. I believe the state should provide access to essential services, like health and education, when the private sector is unable to provide these services profitably. And above all else, we should instil in the nation a culture of personal responsibility and self-sufficiency.

That’s pretty good rhetoric, but how does stuff like that sit within a party of knuckle dragging air headed progressive/ socialist/communist ghouls like National? Not very comfortably I would suggest. There’s more-

Socialism is a failed experiment. The socialist doctrine seeks to close the gap between rich and poor, a reasonable goal. But rather than doing so by incentivising wealth creation, socialism seeks to redistribute the limited resources of wealth creators by using the coercive power of the state. If tax and spend was all we had to do to achieve what we wanted, then every nation on earth would be a glowing utopia of human desire. Clearly, that is not the case. If I may paraphrase Baroness Thatcher, the problem with this approach and the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money to spend. The problem with trying to spend your way towards closing the gap between rich and poor is that eventually we all collectively become poorer.

How does this sit with a party of dumb mutes who daily sit in the house smirking and shuffling and scoring “points” but are notably never heard to seriously attack the concept of socialism? Who lack the goddamn brains and balls to even make one tiny squeak of noise condemning this destructive monster? And here’s a bit that really smacks his vacuous schoolboy leader Key right in the eye-

“I am a New Zealander who believes strongly in one standard of citizenship. It also means that I do not subscribe to the view that I, or any New Zealander of Maori descent, requires special seats to be elected to Parliament, to Councils, or any other body in this country.”

So how does that fit with John Key’s craven supplication to The Maori Party and his simpering deference to the disgusting racists and separatists that lead it? That daily take money from hardworking NZers and spend it on a race based basis amongst their friends and electoral supporters. How is Jamie going to sit on the National Party benches and tolerate this corrupt and venal and contemptible state of affairs??

Even though its broadly a fine speech there’s still much in it I could disagree with, but let’s put that aside for now and give Mr. Ross some credit for the good intent that forms the bulk of his speech.

However the question remains, if Mr. Jamie Lee Ross is indeed the fine and principled politician he says he is in his maiden speech, how is he going to exist in the daily rotting decaying group of politically lost losers and miscreants that today pass as the once powerful and principled National Party? If Mr Ross lives up to the intent of his speech he’s going to have his greatest battles with his own colleagues. Talk is cheap, and we judge politicians on what they do not on what they say. I keenly await the evidence that Jamie Lee Ross is the man he says he is.

16 thoughts on “What is This Guy Doing in The National Party? (sub title Don Brash rides again)

  1. Talk is cheap indeed, and if Mr Ross was the principled puritan he declares to be, he wouldn’t even have ran under the National banner.
    I’d say the most relevant sentence in this speech is the following:

    “Mr Speaker, I enter this House with a strong set of beliefs and ideals. I am a centre-right fiscal conservative – someone who believes in individual freedom, equality and the maintenance of law and order. Undoubtedly some of those ideals will be moulded and tempered over time to align with what is achievable. But whilst politics may be the art of the possible, politics without principle is nothing more than a naked power grab”

    In other words, this boy is hedging his bets big time, and will prove to be yet another career politician/poseur.


  2. His colleagues must have been sitting there thinking ‘it won’t take long to knock him into shape.’
    And,I note how DPF applauds his speech yet has been loathe to criticise the Nats on most of the points he backs Lee-Ross on.


  3. Red are you banned from Keywiblog again?

    I am missing your cordial debates with PG. 🙂 His inanity is running wild over there even more than usual. Have you seen these two gems today?

    “I agree with that. A problem we have trying to get the best balance is a right inclined government is in an ideological straightjacket trying to always move towards capitalism, a left inclined government is in an ideological straightjacket trying to always move towards socialism, and we get stuck with entrenched policies that drag us down.”

    “But some degree of socialism is essential in a decent society.”


  4. “Red are you banned from Keywiblog again?”

    Isn’t anyone who is seriously critical of National from a right wing viewpoint? Keywiblog is a left wing blog populated by the far left and the extreme left and all social liberals. Farrar does not want Conservatives on Keywiblog and he has made that clear by means of the inconsistent application of his demerits system. Which he is of course free to do. Its his blog.

    “Have you seen these two gems today?”

    No sorry, I haven’t. Its quite significant that PG has never been banned from Keywiblog at the same time as he is the most odious creature. Its who Mr. Farrar wants there. Cultural Marxists perfect in their adherence to the rules but evil in the intent of their comments.

    This is a Conservative blog. There’s not much of interest for us among the dreary left wing rubbish that predominates on Keywiblog.


  5. “His colleagues must have been sitting there thinking ‘it won’t take long to knock him into shape.’ And,I note how DPF applauds his speech yet has been loathe to criticise the Nats on most of the points he backs Lee-Ross on.”

    Damn right on both counts.


  6. “His inanity is running wild over there even more than usual”

    I RIP’d him eventually when I was over there . . he’s just endless questions and contortions, and he never did answer whether he believes in

    from each according to ability, to each according to need

    Anyway, check out one of his musical compositions (not a joke). “We’re not TV Zombies” is my personal favourite.


  7. You know full well DPF is a paid employee of the Nats, so fat chance of him criticising the hand who feeds him.


  8. Off-topic, but great news:
    Ten has confirmed it will launch a new Sunday morning program, The Bolt Report, hosted by Herald Sun journalist Andrew Bolt on 8 May.


  9. KG – You’re probably right. He might as well try to fart against a thunderstorm.

    And now our wonderful government are going to help those who chose the cheapest (and least safe) insurance co. F*%k, why do I have to pay twice for everything – once for the right choice …. and then for those who gamble on the cheapest, or the riskiest investment, etc. It is called personal responsibility! And we will not get it while our government saves people from BAD choices. 😦


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