Explanation of Obama’s “Birth Certificate” Posted On Net and Birth Announcements in Hawaiian Newspapers

The following account comes from writer Miki Booth, a Japanese born American who lived a large part of her life in Hawaii and now lives in Oklahoma where she leads a Tea Party group. I’ve reproduced the following paragraphs from an article Miki wrote for the Post and Mail, and they are well worth reading for they provide a simple counterpoint to two of the prime arguments the left use to cloud the eligibility issue and protect their fraudulent President. 1) The so called “Birth certificate posted on the net”, and 2) the newspaper advertisements announcing Obama’s birth.

The document posted on the web alleged to be and wrongly referred to as Obama’s birth certificate is titled CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH, and only certifies a baby was born. The purpose of the Certification is to provide documentation for those babies and children who do not have a real birth certificate because they were born at home or outside the country without benefit of a hospital or doctor.

When there is no proof of hospital or doctor it proves nothing, just the information attested to by the person filling out the application for a certified document. This is one of the biggest lies promulgated by people ignorant of the facts such as Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly of FOX who continue to claim that what is posted on the internet is the real deal.

O’Reilly continues to mislead Americans by saying the announcements in the two newspapers are proof enough for him. He appears ignorant of how those announcements are generated. When Alan was born, Fred and I filled out a form with information that would go on the official birth certificate. There was a box to check if we wanted to announce the birth in the newspaper (Births, Deaths, Marriages Statistics), and we chose to check the box and announced: “Mr. and Mrs. Frederic N. Booth II, 1512 Glen Ave., Wahiawa, a son, Nov. 24.”

However, that is not the only way to get an announcement in the paper, since there are babies born at home, in another state or even a foreign country and they want friends and relatives to know about the birth. Therefore, they call the newspaper to get the free listing in the statistics column. It should be noted that the address of the Obama listing is the Dunhams’ address—the grandparents.

Note: There is overwhelming evidence of an Obama birth in Kenya. If indeed he was born there and returned to Hawai’i as an infant, the only form of birth documentation he would be given by the State of Hawai’i would be the Certification of Live Birth and that would generate a listing in the “stats” column if the petitioner so desired. It may be supposition, but what kind of citizenship would a parent or grandparent want for their child if given a choice? American or Kenyan?

For anyone who wants to delve deeper in to the matter of the birth notices and the mysteries that surround their appearances in the Hawaiian newspapers, there is a PDF here with some interesting observations on their doubtful authenticity.

6 thoughts on “Explanation of Obama’s “Birth Certificate” Posted On Net and Birth Announcements in Hawaiian Newspapers

  1. It is about time somebody investigates what it is the US government / Democratic machine holds over Fox news and that would result in effectively shutting debate down on this type of issues.


  2. Bez, hope Donald has good security. I’m sure Barry’s backers are not amused. Soros will be spewing and have the Chicago hit men hard at work at the rifle range.


  3. The noose is definitely getting tighter Bob. There were a couple of real nuggets in Bez’s first link.

    I think Barry should be filling his shorts with Trump’s statement that he has ‘people’ in Hawaii looking into the BC issue. If there’s anything there, Trump has the cash and wherewithall to find it.

    The best bit (IMHO) was this:
    Q: ‘What has Obama done well?’
    A: ‘Get elected.’

    Just gold.


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