5 thoughts on “Some Lighthearted Stuff For Mawm

  1. I was looking for something else on youtube and came across all those old Billy T skits and they’re just so damn funny. We sure lost a lot with his early death.


  2. In the spirit of light-heartedness, I give you a tale of two Aussies (well, 1 Aussie and a Welsh Communist, but it’s close enough).

    In 1996 Pauline Hanson was asked in an interview if she was ‘xenophobic’. Hanson asked the interviewer to ‘please explain’. The liberal elite immediately assumed she did not know the meaning of the word, and have spent the last 14 years sneering and chuckling into their chardonnay. It appears Hanson is about to confound them though, as she has a good chance of taking a seat in the NSW Senate. Good on yer, Pauline!

    Anyway, to the other Aussie. Actually, to the Welsh Communist, who last week turned the word ‘hyperbole’ into hyper-bowl. Except this time there has been little other than an embarrassed shuffling of chairs. No scorn. No derision. No chuckling from the liberal elite. No, just because ‘their girl’ CAN’T SPEAK FUCKING ENGLISH!

    Yes another example of the disgusting double standard with which we’re all so familiar. So here, in their inimitable style, are the lads from the Chaser sticking it right up Joolya the Welsh Communist:


  3. Of course the “Welsh Communist” wouldn’t know the meaning of the term “Ni-go-C-8” either.

    … and very funny.


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