UK’s Cameron Criticises Immigration- links to Welfare

In yet another effect of the rise of alternative political cultures in the UK (such as the BNP and the EDL) the Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister David Cameron, a coward leading a bunch of cowards who have no damn right to ever call themselves Conservatives, has been forced to swallow some dead rats and speak some solid home truths on the state of the UK. Yesterday he delivered a speech that has the Progressives protesting loudly. The International Business Times reports-

The Prime Minister (also) attacked Britain’s welfare state, which he claims, has created a generation of lazy Britons – thereby allowing immigrants to fill up available jobs. Cameron said the “real issue” is “migrants are filling gaps in the labour market left wide open by a welfare system that for years has paid British people not to work. Put simply, we will never control immigration properly unless we tackle welfare dependency.”

In addition, the Prime Minister stated: “When there have been significant numbers of new people arriving in neighbourhoods, perhaps not able to speak the same language as those living there, on occasions not really wanting or even willing to integrate, that has created a kind of discomfort and disjointedness in some neighbourhoods. This has been the experience for many people in our country and I believe it is untruthful and unfair not to speak about it and address it.”

The key part of the whole speech is that final phrase “I believe it is untruthful and unfair not to speak about it and address it.” After reading this I have to reflect on the criticism I and others who have spoken out on these issues have attracted over the years from the so called “multi-culturalists”, who have deemed it an issue never to be discussed and heaped odium and scorn on anyone who dared to do so. Called us “racists” and every other damn epithet in the vile PC dictionary.

The mainstream media and the Progressives have done this for decades. Now Cameron and his cowards have only just come upon the need to speak truth? What a disgusting turncoat. Almost up to the standards of John Key and NZ Nationals.

(Footnote- I’m so pleased it will now be OK to speak out as I have done for so long. Perhaps even some of the so called right wing bloggers might also be now able to address immigration without pissing in their nappies)


6 thoughts on “UK’s Cameron Criticises Immigration- links to Welfare

  1. Well well! We now have permission from our lords and masters to actually speak out in public about those things which have been blindingly bloody obvious to anybody half a degree above retard level.
    The can go get stuffed. How about we instead focus on their complicity in helping the islamists gain a foothold, their connivance with the forces which have all but destroyed a culture? Their silence when the UK Labour party undertook their deliberate program to swamp Britain with alien cultures?
    Take your comments and shove ’em, Cameron. If there was such a thing as justice you and the rest of your gang, Labour and “Conservative” alike, would be swinging by the neck and sweetening the air we breathe with the odour of rotting politician.


  2. Talk is cheap. Cameron can say what he likes but people are being persecuted and prosecuted in that once great Kingdom for their Christian beliefs and he stands behind that persecution.

    When he gives the British people a referendum on the EU ,immigration and human rights legislation ,then I’ll be convinced he’s not Tony Blair wearing a blue tie.


  3. Like others have inferred, we’re only getting comment now because it’s politically expedient to acknowledge what has been damn obvious for a couple of decades. That and the fact that various TRUE Conservatives have shamed Cameron into finally speaking out. This is nothing more than arse covering in an attempt to retain power. These useless traitors are only ever REACTIVE after the fact – and that’s assuming they’re not complicit with what has gone before which has brought us to this point of societal meltdown.


  4. “sweetening the air we breathe with the odour of rotting politician”

    Haha, where did you get that from Keith?


  5. Good to hear Cameron speak some sense for once.
    As, I noted at my place, he has had some bad headlines lately.
    And as we note above, what will he actually do now?
    His hands are pretty much tied.
    The Lib-Dems will stop him on one hand and the EUSSR will on the other.
    Meanwhile, the EDL continues to grow.
    And the problem of Islamic takeover does too.


  6. I’m just wondering why local workers are feeling are feeling the pinch due to employers continually over looking them. I can’t believe the lack of proper jobs advertised at WINZ I’ve seen compared to professional career positions the vast amount of WINZ job seekers could never attain. Hopeless.


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