Key’s Most Outrageous Lie Yet- “We Can’t Help You On Price Rises”

I was utterly staggered to read the headline in the Herald

Key: We can’t help your price pain

Prime Minister John Key yesterday acknowledged New Zealanders were “feeling the pinch” as prices rose at their fastest rate in two years led by fuel costs, something he said the Government could do little about.

What a staggering claim. The greatest factors leading to these increases are the socialist policies of the Key and Klark governments. There are so many things Key could do-

  • Cut the burden of government that is currently crushing the middle class
  • Fire the hundreds of over-paid and useless bureaucrats parasitising off the taxes of hard working NZ families
  • Cut the price of petrol by reducing the (at least) 50% government component of the pump price
  • Get off the backs of explorers and developers and other enterprise groups
  • Stop borrowing and driving up interest rates
  • Stop forking out millions to racist charlatans claiming fake historical greivances.
  • Shut down a hundred useless government departments
  • Sell Radio New Zealand
  • Fire Nick Smith, can the Emissions trading Scheme and dump the RMA.
  • Expel the Bluegreens from National

Just a few items off the top of my head. Its not hard. John Key’s propaganda statement is reprehensible bullshit.

13 thoughts on “Key’s Most Outrageous Lie Yet- “We Can’t Help You On Price Rises”

  1. “The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves if we are underlings.”
    Shakespeare had it right…as always.
    The fact that Key is enormously popular tells us everything we need to know about the parlous state of the electorate’s political awareness. Idiots elect charlatans.


  2. Blaming everything on fuel costs is masturbatory given that the % of fuel costs which are taxes is huge.


  3. Correct Keith, and there are two important factors contributing to this sorry state of affairs-

    1) The utter dysfunctional failure of the education system and,

    2) The equally dysfunctional mainstream media, so collectively besotted by Progressivism they would all die of starvation before they ever deigned to bring us the clear truth that socialism is an abject failure.

    For democracy to function effectively, the citizenry has to be informed.


  4. Keith – Spot on, but I thought there was something fishy with your quote, and found two versions online, but yours only in “quoted” phrases. Went back to my trusted print version (16th print Hamlyn 1975), and indeed it is “that we are underlings”. The point I think is that being an underling is not a fixed reality, but a choice, a consequence of being too eager to accept the so called “leadership” of the political class, or as Cassius goes on: “Upon what meat doth this our Caesar feed, That he is grown so great?”
    I suggest that meat is our laziness to to hold these usurpers to account or the lack of a political system that would make unambiguous that we the people are in charge and that our “leaders” are in fact servants.


  5. Get rid of that awful burden on the taxpayer, Working for families benefit. Hell, Id vote for just about anyone who got rid of that.


  6. Great minds, Gantt.
    You could include the GST on the +50% on the at the pump fuel costs. Another tax on a tax.


  7. Bez – a political system that would make unambiguous that we the people are in charge and that our “leaders” are in fact servants.

    I thought the Constitution of the USA did just that, but it has been subverted by the poiliticians and the Judiciary. It is NZ that needs a constitution……..especially one that enforces equality of citizenship.


  8. Mawm – you’re right on all four counts. As for the US, the process of straying from the spirit of the constitution started early and has only gained pace over the years, to the extent that its literal text is all but ignored. NZ doesn’t even have such a document, and it certainly doesn’t have the spirit that would make a genuine attempt possible. The pervading idea in NZ that parliament has ultimate sovereignty will take care of that, aided and abetted by the concept that we somehow have two classes of citizens.
    The very notion that it would somehow be the task of politicians to debate and construct a constitution is a horrifying thought by itself, but something that will unfortunately be accepted by the sheeple that inhabit these shores.


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