Lowlife Lady Gaga- Cowardly Attacks On Christianity, But Silent on Islam

In a rerun of every other desperate fame seeking “star’s” attempts to resurrect their fading careers we have seen over the years, the nauseating Lady Gaga turns to attacking Christianity. This dumb talentless narcissist, who through the clever marketing ploys of her managers has hoodwinked the young and impressionable into viewing her as an entertainer, is bringing out a song guaranteed to bring the attention she so desperately desires. The NY Daily News reports Catholic League President Bill Donohue’s views on the cretinous Gaga-

“Lady Gaga tries to continue to shock Catholics and Christians in general: she dresses as a nun … she swallows the rosary. She has now morphed into a caricature of herself. She is trying to rip off Christian idolatry to shore up her talentless, mundane and boring performances. Maybe if she had more talent we’d be more offended. She has gone to the well too many times,”

Pretty accurate commentary. What I am waiting for though is for these cowards like Gaga, who always go for the easy target of Christianity, to drum up a bit of courage and go after Islam. Then she’d not only get the attention she obsesses over, the lowlife money obsessed guttersnipe might even get the attention she deserves.

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  2. That’s the thing with these progressive liberals, always going for the soft target, where they know their target is a civilized institution and cultural marxism has got their back. They’ll take a wide berth from anything where they know the result of their idiocy may be a knife across the throat. We know what that says about the simplicity of the law of consequences, and about the level we’ve allowed liberalism to gnaw away at decency and common sense. I’d bet if another loony entertainer would have a similar go at islam, he/she would be derided by all and sundry.


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  4. Gaga doesn’t attack Christianity (and Catholicism in particular) because it’s easy for her to do so. She does it because it is true, because it will lead a person most completely to God. It’s the same battle that has been going on since the creation of the world.


  5. I don’t see ads Red, but my adblocker may catch them. I have noted previously that you have allowed linkbacks on your site, that may have to do with it.


  6. Red, I tend to see adverts when I’m viewing from home (no ad-blocker) but not from work (where there is an ad-blocker in place – but don’t tell the boss I blog at work!)

    I thought you were ‘monetising’ your brand 🙂


  7. I see the ads and I have adblocker in place (latest Firefox)
    As for gaga….”the lowlife money obsessed guttersnipe” says it all, really.


  8. Red,

    No, I don’t think it is cowardly. Anyone in the public sphere who attacks Islam puts themselves in extreme danger. You only have to look at the number of death threats Robert Spencer of JihadWatch gets, not to mention what happened when the Mohammad cartoons were published.

    Those who attack Islam need to be fully prepared for the consequences and also have a strong reason for doing so, otherwise they won’t be able to take the pressure. The most pressure someone like Gaga can take is what next ridiculous thing to do in order to gain the most attention.

    What this does show is the very real differences between Christians and Muslims. The Islamic faith does not inspire it’s adherents to be better people, to show restraint, to be a guiding light. Muslims are savages when provoked. The Qaran burning in the US, which inspired at least 20 deaths by mobs in Afghanistan proves that, if it needs to be proved.


  9. What this does show is the very real differences between Christians and Muslims. The Islamic faith does not inspire it’s adherents to be better people, to show restraint, to be a guiding light.

    I agree, Christ teaches us to pray for Ms. Gaga, not blow her up… That’s a bit of a difference between us as the adherents of the “religion of peace”…

    Like atheists, I always find it humourous than the slanders of Christianity think it is original… Atheism has been around as long as man and slanderers of Christianity have been around since Christ started his ministry…

    Hard to get worked up about a pop star, when some serious minds have been at the same grindstone for 2000 years… And yet 12 believers have become 2,500,000,000…


  10. Well Pinko, apparently there are some 1,500,000,0000 that are firmly in the “blow them up” camp. It isn’t atheists per se that one needs to worry about, it’s the atheists that cowardly seek to use the muslim’s perverted mindset for their ominous purposes, which I believe is not a majority of atheists. As you say, atheists have been at that grindstone for 2000 years, but the collectivist core has only been bent on using the islam (itself highly collective) for a few decades, old Adolf being a serious first contender (as far as I’m aware), and more recently the hard left.


  11. Yeah, that is of course a massive worry, not one that has escaped my grasp…

    But God knows what he’s doing, while Christianity declines in the West, it grows in Africa, China, India, SE Asia, S America and as long as the Church perseverses through the upcoming suppression in the West, after the wheels have fallen off, there will be a revival… Or a new nation founded on freedom, faith and morality…


  12. Jeremy, while I agree with much of your 12:44 comment, I think your “2,500,000,000” may be out by a factor of approx 1,000 – I imagine that those who genuinely have a personal relationship with Christ will more likely be in the vacinity of a few million. Going to church, being on the church roll, or observing certain “sacrements” and “traditions” doesn’t make someone a follower of Christ. Only those who have genuine faith in Christ [alone} through God’s grace make the grade. While they may be “good” people, many who identify as “Christian” are in name only.

    Remember Christ’s warning[s]:

    Luk 18:8 … Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?

    Mat 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
    Mat 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.


  13. You are correct Kris, the majority are people who tick the right boxes on the census, for example there are 62% of Australians who identify themselves as Christians, while 7.5% attended Church each week and how many of these are Sunday only Christians..?

    My point is that these are people who identify themselves as Christians and are the best candidates to start on the path to discipleship…


  14. Jeremy,

    “My point is that these are people who identify themselves as Christians and are the best candidates to start on the path to discipleship…”

    While that may be true in some cases, it’s not my personal experience. Sometimes many who have heard the truth, but are happy merely going through the motions are the hardest to get through to. It’s as though they’ve been innoculated against the truth. Sometimes I’d rather deal with an out and out atheist with no religious baggage, than with someone who has “warmed a pew” for the last twenty years, and knows all the right answers, but has no real desire to give up complete control of their lives to Christ. Like you said, they’re more than happy being “Sunday only Christians”.

    I trust the Holy Spirit to lead me to “the good soil” and that which will “produce much fruit”.


  15. Apart from her wretched posturing, the only thing wrong with her is her name is too long. It should be plain Gaga.


  16. A writer on Big Hollywood doesn’t hold back in describing Gaga and her new song…

    There are apparently people out there who not only find Lady GaGa’s music appealing but, further, find her a powerful and insightful musical voice for a new generation. These people are idiots, and the fact that most of these morons can vote goes a long way to explaining why so many Democrats keep getting reelected.
    It’s not just that her music is bad – though it is, an intermittently catchy collection of overproduced beats laid over nonsense lyrics that would embarrass a slow-witted high school sophomore. It’s not just that her singing is reminiscent of the hum of a dental drill, a monotonous, atonal mind-chisel that – when combined with her inane lyrics – reminds one of the chanting of some unholy love child of Rain Man and Tiny Tim.


    First, not being one of the socially retarded 18-25 years old shut-ins who make up her rabid fan base, I know that Lady GaGa is not blazing some sort of new path here but, rather, is trodding down the same dull superhighway of anti-Christian imagery that’s been going on forever. I was around when Madonna did the same crappy song a quarter century ago, except back then it was called “Like a Prayer.”
    Poor Rebecca Black has gotta be sitting there pondering the unfairness of all the dissing she’s endured and thinking “Heck, I’m only fourteen. I have an excuse!” At least “Friday” has no pretensions – it’s just a terrible, terrible pop song. But Lady GaGa thinks she’s making a statement, and the problem is that there are millions of mindless nimrods out there who probably agree – though none of them could articulate just what the statement is with any greater specificity than some lame self-empowerment mantra like “I gotta be who I am in order to be the most me I can be!”
    Again, I remind you that these quarter-wits can, or soon will be able to, vote. And many of them have or will breed.
    I’m not angry at Lady GaGa exploiting my religion to sell records – it’s not like some future musical footnote who delights her dimwitted fans by dressing in a gown made of rib-eyes is going to do to Christianity what the Romans, the Moors and the liberal wing of the Democratic party have been unable to do.
    No, I’m bored, and I’m disgusted with her fans who settle for so little. Lady GaGa – geez, I even hate writing out that ridiculous moniker – is merely another in a long line of pompous “artists” who try to provoke…badly… and end up just being tedious. Great, Gaga, you played off some Bible verses – what else ya got?


    “Judas” is not just a terrible song – it’s so very much less. It is pathetic posturing by a “nonconformist” who conforms exactly to every preconceived notion of the liberal elite about religion, about culture and about everything else. The only way Lady GaGa could ever blow my mind is if she wore an Ayn Rand costume onstage and sang about looking for John Galt.
    As for mining the Christian imagery, well, you’d think that mother-lode would be running a bit dry by now after a few decades of every would-be transgressive tunester tossing some cross/rosary/nun iconography into his or her or s/his videos. Yawn.

    Worth reading the whole thing though



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  19. Lady Gaga: A Stupid Populist
    I think it is time Christians drew a line between tolerance and dangerous complacency. Every idiot attack Christianity — from the normally corrupt Western atheists indulged in showy intellectualism or paid by Muslims to undermine Christianity to populist but uncreative Western musicians (like Lady Gaga) looking for cheap attention — every one is attacking. What has Christianity done to deserve such an attack from this morally bankcrupted lady called Lady Gaga? Can she dare so attack Islam despite the screaming atrocities committed by it?


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