Trump Gets It Partly Right on RINO Karl Rove

One has to give credit to Trump for fighting a good fight. I’ve never liked Karl Rove. He was termed “the Architect” and given most of the credit for developing the strategy that led George Bush to two wins. That strategy was basically to make the Republican Party as much like the Democratic Party as possible.

Rove characterises the failure of the right to articulate a clear alternative to socialism/ progressivism and it is this failure most of all that has so weakened and undermined and made ineffective the forces of Conservatism. We have done nothing to counter the left’s massive propaganda offensive. We have capitulated to it. We have fought them on the grounds the left choose. Bush was utterly and totally lamentable in his lack of fight. This is why Rove and others who follow his strategy are yesterday’s men. Trump doesn’t say it perfectly right, but he is on the right track-

Donald Trump fired back at Karl Rove on Tuesday for labeling his possible White House bid a “joke,” saying the one-time senior adviser to President George W. Bush “should be ashamed of himself” for the role he played in pushing an agenda that turned voters against Republicans and paved the way for the Obama presidency.

Mr. Trump, the billionaire real estate developer and reality-TV-show star still weighing a 2012 race, said in an interview that the Republican brand was so tarnished after the Bush-Rove years that even “Abraham Lincoln couldn’t have beaten” President Obama in the 2008 presidential race.

“Honestly, Karl Rove ought to go back and start thinking about other things because what he did is, he gave us, indirectly through President Bush, he gave us Barack Obama,” Mr. Trump said in an interview on The Washington Times-affiliated “America’s Morning News” radio show. “In all fairness to [Arizona Sen.] John McCain, nobody could have won that election because of what happened with Rove’s policies or Bush’s policies.”

Source- Washington Times

Here in NZ, Jenny Shipley and Jim Bolger’s ineffectiveness gave us Helen Klark.

6 thoughts on “Trump Gets It Partly Right on RINO Karl Rove

  1. I think Ron Paul summed up the spending of the Bush Presidency best when he said,

    “I thought we [Republicans] were supposed to disband the Department of Education, not double it”…


  2. wow. Trumps rhetoric is so close to the mark it should be considered ‘plausible’

    In an age when something labelled innappropriate becomes illegal something labeled plausible should become prioritised as ‘worthy’

    I believe as the elections get closer Sarah Palin will be left in Trumps dust. Her light seems to have faded already. The popularity Ron Paul has enjoyed is not reflected in the polls either. But still early days. trumps presence and persona has been indelibly stamped intot he US consciousness. His business acumen and wisdom has reached into places other candidates simply can’t reach. The qustion only remains, can he truly be taken seriously as a presidentail candidate. I think he has been embraced already. If he can win the birther issue , he will still have a competition on his hands but a competition that could not be honestly predicted till the final result.

    If poll rigging and blood issues concerning candidates being related to each other hold sway, these of course will automatically delete Trump from an elite criminal process.

    But after all, the maxim anyone can become president has been proven. In fact, anyone in the whole world!


  3. Wiki – I’m not sure that Trump is Presidential material………….but I’m sure as hell enjoying the show he’s putting on.


  4. Mawm, do I hear the faint echo of Trump addressing the current Potus with the phrase “You’re fired!” ? Perhaps he can make that the focus of his next series? Compulsory viewing, I’d say.


  5. The fact is we haven’t had an conservative candidate for Prez since 1984. The two card monte game is sickening. Trump is playing into our dislike of the situation. As far as I’m concerned, I see Trump as a liberal fascist who is rubbing our noses in our circumstances. “You fools lost out on having any say in the matter long ago. Shut up and enjoy the show if you know what is good for you.” I know these people. The show is more rigged than WWF.


  6. I wish I had the answers other than knowing how these bastards love to play with our hopes and fears. There are a handful of people in the public view who appear to have the right idea, but I also know that there have been people who have talked a good game and let us down in the clinches. So far the only public figure I trust is Alan West — but it is somewhat unsettling when you review HOW it was he came to the public’s attention. Does ANYBODY here know that story?


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