Donald Trump- Form a Third Party

I’ve been thinking about the battle going on over Obama’s Constitutional eligibility. Those who think its vital that Constitutional requirements are met, that fake Presidents should be exposed, and those who say it it a matter of only relatively small consequence.

Its basically a fight aligned along the barrier between the Republican establishment and the political newcomers who see the right as not having fought hard enough over the last few decades to maintain its political position.

There are a number of ideological questions hanging over Donald Trump but he has one thing going for him that is his ‘trump’ card. He knows how to fight. Witness for example his strong attacks on George Stephanopoulos, the fake journalist, and Michelle Bachmann’s weak surrender.

There is one way to solve this impasse. Trump needs to announce a third party run. Make it a standoff between the Republican Establishment who have for years never missed a chance to give ground to the left, and the fighters.

Then we will see if the issue of Obama’s eligibility is important or not important. If Trump on his own carries enough support to threaten the current standing of the Republicans then they will be forced into accepting that Obama’s eligibility is the key issue of the campaign and change their tactics. Trump can then drop his bid.

If this happens, Karl Rove and other RINOS will have been exposed as very bad judges of what is important and they’ll have to quit. Republican supporters who currently say the issue is of little import will have to admit they were wrong and change their views. The Republican party can then unify and move forward.

If Trump attracts little support, then fair enough, Rove and the rest were right and Trump can call his bid off anyway. Nothing to lose from this strategy but the solidifying of the offensive against Obama.

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump- Form a Third Party

  1. Red – I really think that you are reading Bachmann incorrectly. She has said that there are more important issues facing America at the moment. That does not mean that Obama’s elegibility is not an issue. If incontrovertible evidence was produced tomorrow what would change? There would be cries of foul, impeachment procedings would be initiated and eventually Obama would go…….but the problems with the American economy and the communist stranglehold on America would still be there.

    Stephanopoulus was trying to frame the terms of his interview with Bachmann, and the left are trying to divide the GOP into those who are ‘Birthers’ and those who aren’t. They are aiming to get potential candidates to declare their position in the hope that they can attack them in the future on this issue. The smart ones are refusing to be drawn into it.

    This doesn’t mean that Trump is doing the wrong thing. He has plenty of support from the electorate in his attempt to expose Obama as a fraud, and I certainly hope that he does. But it also does not mean that all the other potential candidates have to play the man and not the ball.

    In the end the GOP need a winning candidate to stand against the left because they need to right the wrongs in America. They need a candidate with true conservative values who’ll put a stop to the spending, who’ll reign in the Unions, who’ll dump the ‘progressive’ line being taught at schools, who’ll support the military and who’ll have a credable foreign policy. (I’m sure I’ve left some out).

    I know that if I was a candidate I would not be hanging my whole bid on one hook…..and one that easily blow up in my face. And if I was a voter I’d be voting for the candidate who had true conservative fiscal and moral values, and not the person who paid his investigators to expose the fraud.


  2. Trump is a panther tank. He is totally strong. But won’t he be seen as a one issue contender? If he gets to the debates he’s going to have to have a wider comprehension or be smothered by the hypocrites and that won’t be a nice feeling. But of course, most imptly, he won’t garner confidence. Which is where Palin has him. She’s a career politician and hugely strong herself. For now, Trump is a one song wonder and all the media has to do is ask him pertinent political q’s and he could be lost. If he was running for governor, fair enough, but president??????


  3. “Trump is a one song wonder”, so Barry is a LP ! . Come on, if a sliver tongue snake with a head full of mush mallows can bullshit the masses I’m sure one song Donald will do no worst.


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