General Debate 21/04/11

Stephanopoulos: Well I have the president’s certificate right here. It’s certified, it’s got a certification number. It’s got the registrar of the state signed. It’s got a seal on it. And it says ‘this copy serves as prima facie evidence of the fact of birth in any court proceeding.’

Bachmann: Well, then that should settle it.

Stephanopoulos: So it’s over?

Bachmann: That’s what should settle it. I take the president at his word and I think– again I would have no problem and apparently the president wouldn’t either. Introduce that, we’re done. Move on.

Stephanopoulos: Well this has been introduced. So this story is over?

Bachmann: Well as long as someone introduces it I guess it’s over.

Stephanopoulos: It’s right there.

Bachmann: Yeah, there you go. Because that is not the main issue facing the United States right now.

10 thoughts on “General Debate 21/04/11

  1. If this is the best Bachmann can do she’s off my list.

    Very poor performance.

    Placating left wing scum like Stephanopoulos???

    Hopeless.. Trump showed fight. This woman showed cowardice.


  2. WWF copycats. This is the establishment’s way of telling us to give up. The establishmentarians and antidisestablishmentarians believe that they are playing us.

    But I believe that they are playing with fire. I think I am not alone. Read Wretchard’s latest: An Event Foretold.

    No response to me is necessary.


  3. Exit Bachman. Looked like a gall with balls, but that must have been posturing if she goes through the knees as easy as this against this twat. She ought to have watched the video where Trump deals with this idiot first.


  4. “She ought to have watched the video where Trump deals with this idiot first.”

    They just don’t seem to get it do they? Say what you like about Trump, he is prepared to fight the fight the way it should be fought. Bachmann has been exposed as just another weak kneed appeaser who wilts under fire.


  5. Au contraire, Bachmann took the wind out of the sails of this little Dem lap-dog journalist. And it is NOT the major issue facing the USA. It is an important issue about Obama’s eligibility and will be important in his re-election campain, but is not the most pressing issue in the USA. The economy and the ‘Socialisation’ of the country are.


  6. “And it is NOT the major issue facing the USA.”

    So a potentially fake President, a usurper who has lied and forged documents, sitting in the oval office and presiding over the nation is only of minor importance? Sorry Mawm, there is no way I can agree with this.

    But its not really the issue of this post. The issue is Bachmann’s lack of mettle, preparation and demeanour. If she lets a lying little commie turd like Stephanopoulos bluff her she’s not up to President. Just lost my support anyway.

    I’m thinking its time for Trump to threaten a third party run just to wake these useless no-fight morons up a bit. We’d see then who Obama’s fake Presidency was important to and who it wasn’t.


  7. Obama’s elegibility is not of minor importance…..and I never hinted that it was. I stand by my comments and agree with Bachman that it is not the major issue facing the USA. Their economy is in dire straights and the communist take over is alarming. And Obama is part of it. He has to go but there is no way the real birth certificate is going to get rid of him before the electorate vote him out.

    As for Stephanopolous, he brought his humiliation from the Trump interview to the Bachmann one, and she stiff-armed him by not wanting to talk about it. That’s twice now that he has been made to look stupid.


  8. If she wanted to stall him on it, she could have said: “Hey George, you already wasted half an interview on that with Trump. Now I can give you the same dress down, or we can talk about a couple of other important issues, your choice..”


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