Donald Trump Likes John McCain (and Meghan)

Donald Trump gushes all over the horrible liberal Megan McCain and also expresses regard for her Obama loving father at the same time.

“Oh, OK, good. I like you. I see you a lot on television. I like you and I like your father, I’ll tell you. And I like your mother. I like your whole family. Hey look, I supported your family, right? “

In reality, Trump has no definable political position. He calls himself a Conservative and Tea Party fan, but here he is kissing the arse of the brainless wet liberal Meghan McCain, who has enthusiastically helped establishment Republicans in waging a propaganda war against Conservatives and the Tea party. Her father too is the epitome of the establishment Republican RINO. Those who are busy attacking Trump for his stand on Obama’s constitutional eligibility.

You can read the whole interview here.

Trump is a good fighter, but who knows what it is he is fighting for?? I don’t think he even knows.

4 thoughts on “Donald Trump Likes John McCain (and Meghan)

  1. Oh come on Red. I wouldn’t mine kissing Meghan’s arse. As for her liberal brain, don’t look at the mantelpiece when you are stoking the fire.


  2. She’s a bit of an airhead, and he treats her accordingly, while singing her praises and those of her entire family in absolutely non-committing tones. To me it looks like a pretty smart strategy, note he used the same when he was on the View. He’s everybody’s friend at this time, and why shouldn’t he? He hasn’t committed yet and there’s much to gain by keeping one’s powder dry. I also believe he’ll have to be very careful to NOT have detailed views on any and all topics, but to pick a few and keep pushing the message on that. In the end you don’t want a genius visionary in the WH, there have been far too many of those; what is needed is a manager, someone who can stop the bleeding and turn a profit, someone with simple and solid positions.
    I think he’s got a chance, and looks better to me than the professional politicians the GOP is pushing.


  3. Is Trump really politically savvy?

    Nowhere near as business savvy.

    That could make or break him if the electorate was savvy themselves and decided a politically naieve but uber successful businessman is what America needs now. Instead of the career politico’s who have failed and betrayed their nation.


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