Dopey Democrat “Truthers”- More Than Half Believe Bush Behind 9/11 Attacks

The Obama propaganda squad some call the mainstream media delight in reporting the high proportion of Republicans who believe the President needs to confirm his eligibility for the highest office in the land. The Obama propaganda squad sneer that this is a demonstration of how crazy Republicans are. Comparing “Birthers” with “Truthers”.

I by no means acknowledge any similarity between the two issues. Obama could easily allay concerns about his eligibility by opening sealed records of his past and allowing examination of his real birth certificate. He won’t. The claim that the US Government led by its President attacked the World trade Centre is a fantastic claim alleging an incredible conspiracy of the kind that could never in reality exist. One truly does have to be crazy to buy into such a story.

Obama’s mainstream media use the offensive term “birther” to try and bracket those concerned with Obama’s Constitutional eligibility with the Twin Towers “Truthers”. This is an obscene propaganda tactic and another example of the corruption of the mainstream media into a partisan socialist force. One that also exposes their true fear that one day the truth about Obama will out.

All that said, its still handy to reflect on what proportion of Democrats buy into the “Truther” theory. Ben Smith of Politico writes on the issue today-

“How likely is it that people in the federal government either assisted in the 9/11 attacks or took no action to stop the attacks because they wanted the United States to go to war in the Middle East?” the poll asked.

A full 22.6% of Democrats said it was “very likely.” Another 28.2% called it “somewhat likely.”

That is: More than half of Democrats, according to a neutral survey, said they believed Bush was complicit in the 9/11 terror attacks.

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  1. George Bush wasn’t behind 9/11. That really would be crazy to believe. The SS military industrial complex executed that. They along with the Fed is who really runs the White House. They are both funded way beyond practical funding while the rest of America has been starved. Check out the latest funding for the military. Did you see how much the aircraft carrier USS George Bush cost. And during the worst recession in history. Nothing for the Bush family to be proud of. And of course they are never seen these days.


  2. I was sposed to say US military complex but …no diff. I see police now scan and retrieve cell phone details at car checks now. One Jewish lady from the Germany of the thirties said everything happening today in America is a repeat of history from 1930’s Germany.


  3. I don’t believe Bush was behind the 9/11 attacks either, but there are a few issues that must be kept in mind. First, there is nothing new about governments (particularly strong autocratic leaders) using all sorts of plots and devices to go to war. In the American example, Wilson couldn’t wait to get in on the act in WWI, and used many ploys to get the population to support that position, even though he had ran on a promise not to get involved. Research this (a nice starting angle is reading about the sinking of the Lusitania) and keep in mind Wilson’s grandiose plans for world government, and see what you think. Same goes for WWII, again a president (FDR) that had ran on staying out of it, but who was absolutely determined to play a role in the negotiations at the end of the war (this is what eventually gave us the UN, by the way). Then look at the strange happenings around the attack on Pearl Harbour. In neither case I am suggesting that the POTUS was behind the attacks as such, but they were clearly crises that were not let go to waste.

    Back to 9/11. I personally do have questions, and they arise from a purely technical angle. With some engineering/architecture background, I have been stunned from the day I saw the collapse live on TV, in how quick the towers came down after what appeared a minor fire, and how they collapsed exactly in their footprint, with acceleration approaching free fall. I have tried to thoroughly research this and have not yet found a satisfactory answer either way. That is why I support the effort by almost 1500 engineers for another independent investigation, purely on the technical merits, without any suggestions or conspiracies about the why and how, just a scientific, technical expose on how the collapse happened in all 3 buildings. (For those who don’t know, on that day there were actually 3 skyscrapers that came down).


  4. Well Sika, I would like to debate this with you, without you first suggesting I am a moron, because I am not. You tell me which part of of the technical evidence you want to discuss first and we’ll start from there OK?


  5. Sigh….
    Sorry Bez, I’m no more going to seriously engage with a Truther than an Alien Abductoree.

    The Popular Mechanics engineering debunking is probably one of the best for we engineering laymen….it may now be available online.

    “Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can’t Stand Up To The Facts, by PM editor-in-chief Jim Meigs”

    PM doesn’t even go into the “parallel Govt agency” that “must” have recruited 16 (?) Saudis to do their bidding, all the while being The Great Satan, despite the external Islamofascist links…..employing as it must have many patriotic US operatives who agreed with killing, what, 3 500 fellow Americans.

    Sorry, your delusion has a vanishingly tiny probability.


  6. @Sika – thought so, all you can do is point to someone else’s (in that case very flawed) argument regarding the hard science and technology issues and then drum up one of the “he’s a conspiracy nutter” arguments, including throwing me on a heap with alien abductees. My conclusion Sika, is that you have never even tried to understand the very valid questions that are being asked by many, many well reputed scientists. You are drinking the kool-aid my friend, and you even think you’re smart with it. Let me make one suggestion to you, assuming you completed third form physics. Calculate the free fall speed of an object dropped from a 57 story building. Then look at the many videos that are available of the collapse of building 7. Time how long it takes, compare it with your free fall calculation, and then explain how that is possible through its path of maximum resistance.
    If you’re not capable of doing this, or if you’re too lazy, just admit that, but abstain from having an opinion, because it’s not your’s but someone else’s.


  7. I’m sorry mate, it’s done and dusted.

    And Me….”drinking the kool-aid”?……. sure I am, possum.
    Yep, one of my characteristics is as a kool-aid drinker.
    You may be plagiarising US websites too often


  8. Why would I look it up Bez?….you’re the one in doubt that it refers to copying someone else’s words as your own, as you have……

    ‘Drinking the Kool Aid’ is a US quote.
    Don’t pretend you made it up, possum……

    Now more importantly…..
    One of the premier slayers of leftoids to blog in Australia is back…….

    Professor Bunyip is going to add much firepower to our bow, to mix a metaphor.


  9. Sheeesh….that’s logical.
    Mea Culpa……I’m drinking it and I doan even know how to spell it.


  10. Hang on …..all the Googled usage I can see says “Aid”.
    You thought those Yankees were purists with the language?

    “Kool Aid” it is.


  11. Origin-

    Its a drink Bill Klinton used to drink in the White House, and all of his mindless flunky followers also working there started to drink it.

    And it was apparently originally called Kool Aid.

    Thanks for alerting me. šŸ™‚


  12. Alas, no……Red.
    It refers to Jim Jones’s preferred method of suicide for the hundreds of Believers at Jonestown……

    Kool Aid laced with strychnine for the Believers.

    Thus, any fatal subterfuge for Believers in Western society……


  13. Errr…….Geeez Red…..

    NZ must be an isolated Western enclave if yo’all never heard of ‘drinking the Kool Aid’ as swallowing the the Statist line…….


  14. Correct, no he wasn’t……however it’s only that State and it’s extensions that are dangerous in NZ…..the pony club doesn’t rate.


  15. OK, now we have the soft drinks sorted, why is using popular vernacular plagiarizing?
    After all, this phrase even has a wikipedia entry:

    Don’t make me think you’re shallow, Sika. I can appreciate you don’t feel like debating the technical mysteries of the 9/11 collapses, I accept you don’t really want to engage in independent thinking about it, I even don’t mind you trying to fob me off by throwing me on a heap with conspiracy nutters, but accusing me of plagiarism and then coming back with platitudes clenches it. That’s just vapid.


  16. Nice try Bez….you had to deny it at 17:16 …..otherwise you’re just another frustrated thumbsucker.


  17. Yes Sika, I have a drivers licence. I also have a degree. I am also a published author. I was also student of the year Wintec 2009.

    I read that response personnel at 9/11 have to pass security checks now to show they are not terrorists when applying for financial aid due to sickness suffered in the line of duty. I thank God non stop I am not American.


  18. wiki…….alas, then your ‘stream of consciousness’ assertions in your comment #1 seems to indicate you were educated way beyond your intelligence, ‘ol mate.
    Just my opinion.


  19. @ Sika – you may want to consider holding your opinions about other people to yourself a bit. So far you have been shown to be on the slow, dim witted side of things. Better think before speaking and show just a little bit of respect, that way conversations remain more to the point and friendly and we’ll all have a better idea of you and your opinions.


  20. Oh the irony…..

    Someone who believes that the Military Industrial complex / Tooth Fairy ‘did’ 9/11 reckons I’m “slow, dim witted”…….Bwaaaaaaaaa………


  21. I wasn’t going to add more to this thread but I must say I didn’t know Red had such a sense of humour. And Sika seems suspiciously like a troll employed by the industrial military complex itself. Links were found in blogs refuting and criticising comments that were directly found to come from an air force base in the US. I do think Red has become known!


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