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  1. We will remember them.


  2. They were men. And for all we read that increasing numbers of young people honour them every year I believe a lot of them regard Anzac Day as more of a social event than anything else. Getting pissed and partying at Gallipoli is merely a “must do” item on their OE.


  3. “Getting pissed and partying at Gallipoli is merely a “must do” item on their OE.”

    These ignorant brainwashed slavering products of socialism are happy to live under the tyranny their fathers and grandfathers fought against.


  4. I watched this documentary from NZ OnScreen a while ago. For anyone who doesn’t know about the Gallipoli campaign it gives a good primer.


  5. They were men alright. Deceived and f@@d over by their respective governments, used for obscure political plots and age old disputes between reigning elites, but men nonetheless. Men who stood up for the principles they believed in, who went the hard yard without fear or fervor, who had to do the unspeakable and witness horrors unimaginable, while their political overlords were betraying the very victories that they achieved with their blood and with their lives. Men that created by their courage the very basis for freedom, liberty and prosperity, only to have to witness it pissed away by yellow demagogues that aren’t worthy to lick the boots of the soldiers they so carelessly send out to die. Lest not forget who the real culprits are, and lest not forget what it is the ANZACs were prepared to die for, the fight against tyranny. We owe it to them to continue that fight.


  6. Amen to that, Bez.
    And we don’t have to go all the way to Turkey or elsewhere to find tyranny – the enemy are those who deign to rule over us; those who use our very incomes to fund their aims and agendas. Time for the spirit of the ANZACs to stand up here at home!


  7. I run the bar at our local club and every year we invite all to ANZAC day. It has grown in leaps and bonds. We now have a lot of return serviceman coming from the city. They seem to enjoy the day immensely. They have not been forgotten in the country.


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