Obama Birth Certificate- Mainstream Media Liars Desperately Defend Their Commander

I find my contempt for the left gradually and steadily increasing, and the reason for this increase is their growing reliance on lies and distortions to make their case. They lie constantly. I’ve just come from reading the New York Times, where even in their children’s section they are lying. Through their damn contemptible teeth. Under the guise of a writing tutorial for children, they’re asking them to write responses to the following proposal-

Last week a New York Times/CBS News Poll found that 45 percent of Republicans think that Mr. Obama was born in another country, even though Hawaii state officials have repeatedly confirmed that the president was born in Honolulu. Why do you think doubts about Mr. Obama’s status as a natural-born citizen of the United States persist despite factual evidence?

Written by one KATHERINE SCHULTEN this is such a perverted ugly distortion of the truth it is unforgiveable. The truth the disgusting liar Schulten should be asking the children to respond to is this-

Why, when the Constitution requires that a President is a Natural Born Citizen, (born in the US to two US born citizens), does President Obama stubbornly resist requests to show the one document that will prove his eligibility, and continue to try and pass a Certification of Live Birth off as a Birth Certificate?

The left are such contemptible dishonest amoral scum, and they get worse every day, especially those in the media as their monopoly on information continues to be challenged. Lying to children in this manner though is especially depraved.

5 thoughts on “Obama Birth Certificate- Mainstream Media Liars Desperately Defend Their Commander

  1. Incredible alright. It is almost beyond belief to see the extent to which these “teachers” (?) are prepared to go to brainwash the children given in their care. Worrying also is the absolute lack of any critical thinking on their own part, and the willing and knowing acceptance of obviously perverted facts and narrative, and the blatant directions as to the content and conclusions for this “essay”. If this is representative for what happens in schools on a daily basis, the system is far more rotten than I would have thought, and I didn’t have a rosy picture in mind to start with.


  2. “I find my contempt for the left gradually and steadily increasing”

    Amen brother, and not just on this issue.


  3. The Left are BEYOND contempt – deceit and complete lack of principles are regarded as qualities to aspire to in the corrupt and amoral mind of your average Leftist. There is no method they aren’t prepared to use to achieve their sick perverted ends. Obama is the archetype of all the wish to be, and must be protected whatever the cost. Blood will run in the streets before they give him up.


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