Hawaii Officials Covering For Obama Say No More Long Form Birth Certificates

I’ve suspected for some time that Health Dept officials in Hawaii have been protecting Obama. Former Director Chiyome Fukino has been particularly notable for issuing a swathe of confusing statements on the issue and most of them remain unverified. Should we take the word of one person that the President is eligible? After she has issued so many contradictory statements? After so many other people have sworn affidavits to challenge her claims? I think not.

The latest move that suggests Fukino’s position is not objective is that the Dept of Health is now refusing to issue long form certificates. Although this was declared as a policy some years ago, it was not enforced, possibly because of doubts over its legality. Suddenly it is enforced. Why? Why now?

If you’re interested in the eligibility issue, you need to read this extremely good article on WND.

Hawaii slams door on birth certificates