White House Press Corps- Politically Corrupt and Complicit In Fraud of The Century

Its worth watching this short video just to see –

1) The abject cowardice and complicity of the White House media in covering up Obama’s ineligibility to be President and,

2) Their abject support for Press Secretary Carney in his refusal to answer questions on the issue. His deflections are obvious for all to see yet these disgusting cowards and collaborators and Obama lackies allow him completely free reign to twist and deflect from the real issue.

Utterly outrageous dereliction of duty and yet another example of the political corruption of the media, and the even deeper corruption that overshadows the democratic process in the US.

4 thoughts on “White House Press Corps- Politically Corrupt and Complicit In Fraud of The Century

  1. There should be one question only – “We want to see the long-form BC so why is Obama spending millions to prevent us from seeing it?” None of this prevarication about the certificate of live birth and distractions, etc.


  2. The media is nothing more than the publicity arm of the Democrats, their Goebellian propaganda machine. Anybody standing against the Dems is also standing against the media, the unions and a vast army of bureaucrats. The days of effective opposition to them are drawing to a close. (demographics alone will see to that in any case)


  3. It is plain as the nose on this sniveling liar’s face that there is some serious issue with this certificate. It is also plain that this same fork-tongued lackey hasn’t got one clue, none whatsoever, what that serious issue is. This is a hired liar preaching to a choir of well-converted acolytes. A disgusting and demoralizing picture if I ever saw one. It’s unfortunate, but there may well be a very, very serious backlash when all the lying and deceit is eventually unveiled. Who is going to blame out of work and impoverished masses, whose houses have been foreclosed, whose futures have been squandered, whose children have been brainwashed and indoctrinated, whose health and retirement have been fed to the marxist monster, to stand up and hold these cowards to account.


  4. Anderson Cooper had half a hour segment on CNN today on his interview of Trump. Put up a strong case against the Birthers with top civil servants in Hawaii claiming they had seen Barry’s LFBC or knew Barry when he was a baby. All very well till the end of the interview when White House officials were asked why Barry won’t release his LFBC and be done with it. They claim the case is settled and even if they did release the LFBC the conspiracy nuts wouldn’t believe it, pretty fucking pitiful, something is afoot. Then Cooper, hand on dick said people couldn’t handle a black man as the head arse kicker. These people spin faster then dying flies.


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