John Hatfield’s Party- Racists, Marxists, Bludgers and Losers

Hone Harawira said at his party launch today he would always be accountable to the people of his electorate. Yeah sure you racist dirtbag, that’s why you spend their money flying all over the country like Barack Obama on steroids and causing totally unnecessary by-elections.

He also set out some policies, including nationalising assets such as power, water and housing and ending state asset sales. He said it would campaign on the so-called ‘Hone Heke’ tax – a financial transaction tax of one cent in the dollar.

Just piss off to North Korea you totalitarian communist arsehole.

He criticised spending such as “$36 million being wasted on this bloody yacht race in San Francisco.”

But spending thousands flying all over the country and $500,000 on an unnecessary election is quite OK. Lets face it, whenever these communist arseholes get into power they line their pockets and steal from the people with as much gusto as anyone. More in fact.

Others speaking at Harawira’s launch included potential candidates Annette Sykes and Mereana Pitman. Former Green MPs Sue Bradford and Nandor Tanczos also spoke, saying it was time there was a new force for workers on the left.

Except it won’t be any kind of “new force” it will be the same old totalitarian communist disaster that has left piles of skulls all over the planet and workers dying of starvation. Stinking lying duplicitous communist scum. Using freedom to kill freedom.

4 thoughts on “John Hatfield’s Party- Racists, Marxists, Bludgers and Losers

  1. I think calling him a communist is misleading. He doesn’t have enough brain to understand any ideology other than the white man must give money to the brown man.

    What a horrible piece of shit!


  2. Scum rises to the top–and need to be skimmed off periodically. Preferably, by using a length of hemp rope……


  3. The Financial Transaction Tax touted by the Mana Party was originally adapted by Kelvyn Alp for the party DDP in 2004 for the 2005 General Elections. (And he has proof of this) He has carried that policy into the OURNZ Party (going through formal registration).

    Kelvyn approached Hone Harawira via Hone’s relations seeking to unite minor parties with similar aims. Hone asked for 1) the OURNZ Party policies (available at to see if there were areas of agreement and 2) Mike Tamaki to call him. This was done and contact ceased.

    His application of the Transaction Tax is inappropriate and will raise prices.

    The original policy: Taxation rates are too high, meaning that companies are at a disadvantage when competing for foreign investment, business on the world stage and for real growth.

    The solution is a 1% Transaction Tax on all outgoing financial transactions. The tax will replace ALL other taxes including many “hidden” taxes. Software programmed into RBNZ’s electronic clearing system will state daily transactions of the banking system, meaning implementation will be simple. Calculated on total transacted amount per annum, a tax of 1% will provide the Government with sufficient operating revenue.

    Some think it would negatively affect the economy. This is a false notion and it will have a beneficial effect on the economy through being able to tax money that is now untaxed. This solution will bring prosperity, increases in employment and less dependence on the State.

    Money was intended to distribute goods and services at an agreed value. Money was never meant to be a commodity. The solution is not to tax the real wealth of this country (labour, resources, business etc), but rather to tax how wealth is distributed. With no income tax, nor GST to pay, everybody will effectively have a pay rise.

    So, the only Party that understands the application of the policy properly is OURNZ Party and we shall be campaigning on this and other policies this year. Join us on the OURNZ Group discussion page on Facebook!


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