Links Worth Reading, Palin etc.

I’m travelling at the moment and only have intermittent internet access. I’ll do my best but posts may be slow for the next day or so.

Here are two excellent links I would recommend you read-

The Unexamined President and His Media Enablers
Bruce S. Thornton

We can understand Obama’s reticence, even if we are unclear about its motive. What is more disturbing is the media’s refusal to apply the same scrutiny to Obama that they inflict on all other major political figures.

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Polls, Polls everywhere (Why Neither Trump nor Huckabee are Really Ahead of Palin)
Brices Crossroads

Why are the early polls so consistently wrong? It is very simple: THERE HAS BEEN NO CAMPAIGN. Or, to be more precise, there has been a one dimensional campaign this cycle in which the Democrat candidate (Obama) and the potential GOP contenders–through their surrogates in the media and the Establishment– have poured a withering fire of invective and slander on one unannounced candidate, to the exclusion of all others…Sarah Palin.

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