Social Liberals- Splitting The Right and Destroying Our Moral Base For Far Too Long

David Farrar is one. A bleeding heart progressive who mistakes being a libertine for “classic liberalism”. So are Lindsay Mitchell, Cactus Kate, and too many other members of ACT and/ or National.

Lets get one thing damn straight here. There is a fallacy pushed by the anti-Conservatives again and again, and so wrong it amounts to a dishonest smear. Conservatives do not see government as the arbiter of social mores. It can reflect them, but it cannot direct them. True Conservatives want government to be small and weak, and not interfere in matters of personal morality or so many other areas of our lives where it has no damn business.

What Conservatives have a right to, and this is a right that so many social liberals continually deny them, is the right to judge others and their morals. Not in a governmental context, but in a personal context. So you Cactus Kate, or you David Farrar, have the right to indulge in sex before marriage without any moral doubt whatsoever intruding upon your pleasure. Go for it. Screw your damn heads off outside of marriage if you must.

However, if I or any other Conservatives wishes to judge you on that behaviour, that is also our damn right. If we choose to disapprove, we have that right. If we choose to see you as amoral losers pushing destructive social attitudes, THEN WE WILL.

NZ is awash in a gutter class of low income single mothers, absent fathers, and deprived children. This outcome is the direct result of a mainly secular middle class that pushes the meme that nobody has any right to judge anyone else’s morals, and morality is just bullshit anyway.

Whereas affluent and educated people might well be able to act without moral boundaries, there is quite obviously a strata of society that cannot. There is only one thing that will help in reducing the explosion of single mothers, deprived children and others trapped in the left’s welfare snare.

Its not a multitude of government departments staffed with huge numbers of social service staff, counselors and inspectors. Its not the wealth redistributing progressives of any Labour/National government. It sure ain’t the damn wittering social liberals of ACT. It isn’t a never ending series of government handouts.

Its something that has been gradually diminished over time by misguided liberals like Farrar et al. Its name is shame. Without shame, things will continue. The way to reintroduce shame if for everyone of us to judge each other on our morals. As we did before the advent of social liberals who pushed the stupid idea that sex is free and has no responsibilities or consequences. Who pushed the idea there is no morality and those who said there was were hypocrites. Who maintained that it was wrong to judge others upon their morals.

All just destructive Marxist Progressive bullshit, and if you doubt it just look around at our society and ask yourself why it is not this way in say Singapore or Hong Kong.

I can hear the progressive libertines now- “Oh its like that in Singapore and Hong Kong because they’re police states wah wah wah”. Bullshit. They’re like that because the societies there operate with a sound moral base, and the citizens there believe in that base, and they reinforce it with their social attitudes.

Lindsay Mitchell (for example) campaigns against the sad state of NZ’s welfare dependent society and then pushes an ideology that wants a blame and shame free society, a society that produces exactly the kind of outcomes she rails against. Who exactly are the hypocrites here?

Social liberals and their idiotic belief in such Marxist ideas have destroyed ACT. They have split it from its inception and made it worthless as a force against the left. As more and more citizens awaken to the idiocy and destruction of the tired old Progressive concept of social liberalism, ACT will fade away completely. As they should. Never amounted to more than a pimple on the backside of NZ politics, and its all down to the fact that they were too heavily influenced by social liberals.

The Conservative Party is one the left will really fear, and one of its prime objectives must be to isolate itself from the jabbering progressive social liberal goons who have destroyed ACT and betrayed the principles of the National Party. And thereby given the left an almost unassailable beachhead in our society. Their time is over.

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  1. There’s little point in discussing with Farrar’s commentors Lucia. Left wing morons most of them. And he allows any kind of vicious attacks on Conservatives, yet (along with his Nat party sycophant moderators) demerits us severely if we fight back. I’ve had enough of his leftist pro-National bullshit.


  2. Red,

    I consider it a spiritual work of mercy. Their attacks don’t bother me, they just show that what I’m saying is bothering them. There are people that read those threads that never comment, those are the people I’m really talking to. The others are just a foil.


  3. Catherine Judd and her “ACT – the liberal party” experiment was a disaster. I hope the Conservatives do well.


  4. Great comment, Red. I find it interesting the number of socially liberal (primarily) women I speak to who think they can put up as many notches as they like on their bed-posts without any consequence whatever. The large majority of these women are high-paid young professionals. When the obvious consequences of pregnancy are pointed out to them, that they will in all likelihood lose their careers, their high earnings (and even higher potential earnings) and, most importantly for them, their independence, they almost always respond by claiming they practice “safety”. When it is pointed out that contraceptives can and do fail, in which scenario the likely outcomes are either an abortion or life on the DPB they will almost always *say* they would choose abortion (the reality is, of course, an entirely different matter).

    The sad fact is these over-paid very clever but very silly young bints simply don’t look past tomorrow. They have no idea the risks they run (pregnancy being just one of the potential consequences).

    Sadly, as I said on the other thread, I may as well be speaking Swahili, for they just don’t comprehend.

    I think you’re right. We need a healthy dose of shame, and to feel the consequences of our actions.


  5. Ok. Accepting the consequences of one’s actions doesn’t require a healthy dose of shame in my estimation. In fact, feeling shame is short of bearing consequences. The old fashion idea of a penitentiary was to feel shame but due to incarceration consequences were not faced as a norm. Recidivist criminals may fleetingly feel shame, but face the consequences of their actions? I don’t think so.
    Out of curiousity: Why focus on career minded young “bints?” NZ is drenched with many various types of progressives who believe they can act as they damn well choose. Personally I don’t give a toss about this as long as I am not expected as an innocent taxpayer to fund the outcomes of their singular and collective decisions. Being modern is not the same thing as being liberal, progressive or irresponsible. Ideally it ought to be the opposite.


  6. “Why focus on career minded young “bints?” ”

    Because they are those from my sphere most likely to to ignore the risks and face the consequences of either giving up career to spend time on the DPB, or kill their unborn child in order to retain their career. I accept there are plenty of other groups who take the same risks and then wonder “how did that happen?” when they return a positive pregnancy test (or herpes or other STD test).

    I for one don’t give a crap about what they do, let them sex themselves stupid as far as I am concerned. The problem is when the consequences arrive, it’s me funding them. That’s the bit I object to. There is no “risk free” way to bonk your way around the country, and for most of these silly small-minded buffoons there is no way for them to independently fund themselves when they do end up knocked up. If they expect me to fund them when they “get into trouble” the very least I expect in return for my hard-earned is the right to judge them and their actions.


  7. I am devastated to admit I have two ‘professional’ daughters, one a nurse, one a civil servant, then I have my youngest daughter with an illigitimate child to an islander,a relationship which ended up with him serving jail time for physical abuse. She has been on the DPB and is now shacked up with a maori, she tells me she is off the DPB as he has a job but as I live in another town I have no way of knowing and I quite frankly don’t believe her. My children were given every opportunity, working married parents, good schools, encouragement in sport yet we ended up with one failure and it is so hard to deal with.


  8. Its is not a failure. Each child is an individual and must make his/her own way in the world. You can only do what you can to help them get started, and if they still go wrong, its down to them, not you. They are responsible for their own decisions.

    The issue here is the massive progressive onslaught upon our traditional moral base, and the effect this has on those a bit more gullible and impressionable.


  9. Come on Red it IS a failure and Medusa’s predicament would be hard to deal with. Anyone slurping up a benefit when alternatives abound is by definition a failure. The next issue is, would she be a failure if the benefits weren’t there to prop up her semi-life? Would she pursue the alternatives?


  10. I think you may have misunderstood my meaning. I am saying Medusa should not see it as a failure on her part.

    “My children were given every opportunity, working married parents, good schools, encouragement in sport yet we ended up with one failure and it is so hard to deal with.”


  11. I accept that. The “failure” rests with the errant daughter but it remains a failure whether her parent bears the burden or not.


  12. Medusa – It is not very nice when something like this happens to one’s child. I too have a daughter and it has been an uphill struggle to ensure that she does not choose the wrong road. The worst part is that I feel that I have the State as my enemy. These kids know that they can break the law with impunity because they’ll get ‘diversion’, they know that they can sleep with whoever they want and damn the consequences because they can either get the ‘pill’ or an abortion without parental consent and guidance, they know they can go out drinking at all times of the night and end up puking on the pavement because that is what everybody else is doing and not getting arrested for public drunkeness, they know they can breach the conditions of their drivers licence because they’ll get a slap with a wet bus ticket, etc, etc.

    Fortunately she likes fine things and has seen how tying up with a no-gooder and having kids when too young takes away the opportunities for a ‘nice’ life. But I do worry…..


  13. Exactly. There are 24 hours in every day, Red. If you waste any of them on non-critical path items like eating and sleeping, how can you possibly expect to meet your milestone?


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