Ann Barnhardt on Feminist Thugs

Had to give some rousing applause to Ann Barnhardt who has written a wonderful piece, expressing some truths about feminists that have been unspoken for far too long. I’ve snipped what I reckon are the best parts and posted them here. You can read Part 1 and Part 2 of the full article here.

From Part 1

The first thing we all need to do is examine and identify who feminists are, because this is what everyone dances around and no one wants to talk about – even though we all know the truth. But, if the truth is never, ever spoken or proclaimed, it is made inert. The Word of Truth MUST BE SPOKEN in order to be efficacious in the world. So, here goes:

-Feminists are angry, bitter, jealous, narcissistic, prideful, self-absorbed women who hate men and deeply resent their own femininity.

-Many feminists are lesbians, and thus, by definition, are suffering from massive and acute psycho-sexual disorder rooted in self-loathing.

-In addition to being lesbians, many feminists are also de facto transvestites.

-Feminists hate both authentic masculinity and authentic femininity, and desire to establish themselves as a third gender which dominates and is superior to the other two.

And so, we have three basic groups of people inside the feminist milieu. We have the “third-gendered” quasi-females themselves, who are the core and driving force of the movement. We have women who have been indoctrinated and manipulated by the third-gendered types, and we have the men who have allowed themselves to be castrated by the third-gendered “wymyn” and the normal women and other gelded men who have fallen under their influence.

The vast, vast majority of men in this culture have been psychologically gelded. They are powerless and impotent, unable to assert themselves or initiate any sort of meaningful action. They do not act – they watch. They do not speak – they pander. They do not defend – they capitulate. They do not assert – they grovel. They do not lead – they cower. And they do these things because they have been conditioned for their entire lives to believe that passive, cowering, groveling surrender is the standard of masculine morality. They have been taught that their masculinity is a disease that must be purged, or at least hidden and suppressed. They have been taught that masculinity itself is a sin. They have been taught this by the feminists, led by angry, bitter, jealous, physically grotesque (by their own choice) lesbians who have anointed themselves the pinnacle of humanity.

From Part 2

Look, you godforsaken bats. You have now destroyed the lives of fully three generations of people in Western Civilization. You have all but destroyed the institution of marriage and the family. You have murdered upwards of one billion babies in the name of your satanic cult, and you have almost – but not quite – destroyed the Church. And you know what? When you look in the mirror, it isn’t a damn bit better, is it? Not only are you not any happier, you’re actually even more miserable, aren’t you? It’s never going to get any better for you, because you will ALWAYS be a woman, because that is what you are. You will never, ever be a man, and you will never, ever be able to do the things that are exclusive to men. All you can do is present a perverted, grotesque, piss-poor counterfeit.

What a diamond is Ann.

10 thoughts on “Ann Barnhardt on Feminist Thugs

  1. She surely is! And the past paragraph you quote in part 1 describes (surprise!) just about every leftist male I ever met.
    And of course, she could have added that they’ve been taught that by feminists and by marxist female teachers.


  2. Yep, on most NZ discussion forums, full of left wing girly men, its really noticeable how any comment challenging feminists is most often met with a timid silence.


  3. Weeell……abortion is generally the contraceptive choice of the underclasses who lack competency with chemical contraception.

    So less underclass.
    “Every cloud……”

    My quality of life is much better with a lower population.


  4. You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried Sika – it is middle class women who murder their babies by the tens of thousands and the deed is usually done by middle class creatures, creatures because they do not deserve the title women. While the underclass actually bear their children before sometimes killing them or allowing them to be killed.

    And how will the quality of your life be improved when you are in your dotage and there is nobody to wipe your stinky wrinkly old bottom when you have crapped yourself.

    You’ll just have to stew in your own shit and good luck to you as you do


  5. I’ve read both links and love the bit about how much Joseph loved Mary, that is just beautiful.

    What’s missing is how Western men have become “gelded”. I will attribute some of that to pornography and promiscuity, where boys no longer have to wait to get married to have sex, they can get it for free. Thus the incentive to grow up is no longer there. I don’t know if feminism is to blame for that part.


  6. Feminist thugs who were instrumental in the development of CYFS and the Family Court have destroyed thousands of kiwi children’s lives through the wholesale persecution of fatherhood. The stupid government has been heavily influenced by these vindictive and vengeful radical feminists’ whores who have gallons of paternal blood on their slimy insipid hands. The feminist mandate is saturated within our corrupt justice system and dysfunctional police force. These creeps have killed many decent fathers though hearsay from many a spiteful women. Burn the bitches and save the male species. Enough is enough. Children do better without feminist brainwashing – judge dread you bent eunuch. Male kiwi judges are a disgrace to kiwi manhood!


  7. Alas, you’re wrong Andei…….the underclasses are easily identified in the US via ethnicity for it is the US that Ann is talking about

    “Abortion rates are much more common among minority women in the U.S. In 2000-2001, the rates among black and Hispanic women were 49 per 1,000 and 33 per 1,000, respectively, vs. 13 per 1,000 among non-Hispanic white women.”

    Fear not for my advanced years, Andrei, money fixes many things.

    Quality of life for me, Andrei, are wild trout streams, bush and mountains with deer, chamois and tahr and bonefish flats in Kiribati, all will be gradually degraded to nothing by too many people.

    So any demographic that wants to lessen its impact on me is welcome to abort itself into extinction.
    Now, how to stop massive migration to NZ destroying my quality of life…..a much bigger problem.


  8. The “gelding” that is referred to has come about due to the mantra of Equality.It is constantly being pushed by the left and has been embraced even by the centre right,just look at how pervasive it is in the EU.

    Equality is no longer about political rights ,it has become an absolute and as such a farce.


  9. Jeez! Don’t fer chrissakes click on that pingback link! Seldom have I seen such a load of verbal shit. Feminists truly are effing insane.


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