John Key and The Socialist Streak

Perhaps an explanation of John Key’s cowardice in the political arena and his unrelenting mission to undermine the political heritage of the National party. Wikileaks has reported on exchanges between Key and US diplomats. Stuff reports-

Key met with visiting charge d’affaire Glyn Davies and told him National could not adopt conservative policies because a “socialist streak” runs through all New Zealanders, the cable said.

The socialist streak runs through John Key and matches the yellow one that runs up his back as in a disgusting quest for “popularity” he panders to the worst side of NZ politics (welfarism and racism) and daily defiles the memory of real politicians like Sid Holland, who helped author the National Party founding principles displayed in the sidebar of this blog.

The National Party is today a walking talking example of how the left have infiltrated institutions that customarily countered their influence, and turned those institutions into mere sub groups of Marxist/ socialist activism. John Key is a Labour Party politician fronting a (once) Conservative political party. His rhetoric is consistently left wing. The National Party heirarchy that support him would be as at home in Labour as Helen Klark was. They constantly label any political idea that confronts socialism as “extremist”.

They are subversives and traitors not only to the National Party but to the traditions of NZ and its people. A country with a “socialist streak” would not have ever elected Sid Holland and kept him as PM from 13 December 1949 to 20 September 1957.

If NZers do indeed have a “socialist streak” it is only because yellow backed pretenders like John Key, Jim Bolger, Jenny Shipley and others have never had the balls and the brains to lead from the front, but have gained and maintained power by not only failing to confront the left, but pandering to them, thereby assisting them to drag NZ incrementally further and further from its natural Conservative political bent. Not leaders, not politicians, just weak vain self obsessed nincompoops and easily manipulated useful idiots.

Key for example is PM not because he holds any firm political position, and not because he has any vision for the country, but merely because it was his boyhood ambition. More from the Stuff report-

The cable said Key also spoke positively about then finance minister Michael Cullen and said the only significant economic problem was the brain drain to Australia.

Key a fan of the little commie crook Cullen? “No significant economic problem but the brain drain”?? FFS..!!!! Get this spineless politically neutered and traitorous charlatan (and his like gutless acolytes) out of our government and out of the National Party.

NOTE: This post has been updated as a result of the Stuff article itself being updated. See “Key’s Socialist Streak Pt. 2”.

16 thoughts on “John Key and The Socialist Streak

  1. This bastard showed his true colors when he supported Kriminal Klark in her bid for the U.N. job, yet it went almost unremarked at the time.


  2. Yes, Key is a long yellow streak of socialism, and yes, he should be led from office in chains. The problem is, who do you replace him with? Let’s face it, the political dichotomy in New Zealand will always be BlueSocialists vs PinkSocialists (unless Goff keeps going and the PinkSocialists are replaced with the watermelons as the opposition). ACT have proven time and again they have no stomach for a real fight, and Brash has only taken that craven cowardice to the next level. The “Conservative” party has a hell of a long way to go to prove it’s anything other than a joke. So, if no Key then who? English? Smith? Finlayson? Heaven forbid.

    Successive National Party leaders have proven the theory of ratchet socialism. In fact, plenty of them have been living proof of Critical Theory. But the fact is, there are no credible alternatives.

    I can’t think of a single member of the current National Party caucus who would survive in Holland’s caucus. In fact, he probably would have had them all arrested for treason and sedition! It just shows how damn far left New Zealand has slid in the last half-century. The left’s experiment has been wholly successful, and it has destroyed a once-great little country.


  3. “The left’s experiment has been wholly successful, and it has destroyed a once-great little country.”
    Sadly, increasingly, that looks to be true.


  4. None of these National Party leaders have had the guts that Sid Holland had, to come out and say what needs to be said and drag people to that way of thinking. Key, Shipley Bolger etc were/ are just spineless directionless milk sops who run in whatever direction the political landscape is tilting.


  5. New Zealand: A country where political parties bash those with money and success to gain political momentum…


  6. He doesn’t do that lately, Gantt–just comes back with snarky comments which avoid addressing the issue. Which is a tactic more used by lefty trolls……..


  7. As expected, the silence is deafening from the left’s usual outlets (kiwiblog, no minister) and the shrill screams of “Socialist? Who, Us?” from the left (MacLachlan).

    No links because I’m no longer going to provide the enemy with support of any form.


  8. And now the spin starts. In an update on the stuff story:

    “When Prime Minister John Key said all New Zealanders had a “socialist streak” it refered to their caring for others, he says.”

    If you’re explaining, you’ve lost. Whatafuckingidiot. He doesn’t even have sufficient respect for the people of New Zealand to be straight with them. There is a history of these types of pronouncements from the Key office, in fact one of them is displayed in the sidebar of this blog. Craven capiltulating, radical-appeasing, leftist scumbag.


  9. I do not recall seeing a photo that depicted such smug self-satisfaction by two politicians than the third one of this thread.

    I cannot imagine a real politician, who cares what the voters think of him, permitting themselves to express such vanity openly. Louis XVI may have expressed more open contempt for his subjects, but we did not have photos back then to prove it as we do in this instance..


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  11. You forgot that pic with Key and that other CINO.
    Don’t worry I have used it.
    I see Key has had a Theresa May moment , when Britain’s current Home Secretary branded the Tories as the “Nasty” Party many years ago.
    This gave much ammunition to the left and also led to the ‘modernisation’ or destruction of conservative values within the UK Tories.
    Key’s comments are similar. He was wrong to associate being caring or having a heart with socialism.
    And as for rating Michael Cullen, the man who caused so much damage..welll!!!


  12. Well put. This has been the tactics of the Left for almost 200 years.Like the label “Liberal” now means namby pamby pinko, National means something similar. A 100% change. By their fruit you shall know them. Staggering that so many nats have not noticed. Bit like the frog in the heating pot of water.


  13. Again you’re right, Red, Key must go but so also must the entire current crop of caucus members. I’ve read quite a few of their articles, newsletters and releases and they’re all cut from the same cloth. Admittedly their witterings must all be approved by the Party before release and members are viciously whipped into the party line so it’s hard to know what they really think, but it appears there isn’t a Conservative (or even a classical Liberal) among them.

    Sadly, the National Party remains the best vehicle to save New Zealand from a future that looks like Cuba. I suspect the entire edifice is rotten, and the only thing that will prevent it from crumbling is a grassroots, Tea Party style movement seeding genuinely Conservative candidates. Can you see this happening in the Democratic People’s Socialist Republic of Clarkville? Because I sure as hell can’t.


  14. Can you see this happening in the Democratic People’s Socialist Republic of Clarkville? Because I sure as hell can’t.

    Difficult I will admit, but we are in this state mainly because of the appalling dysfunction of the National Party. If they had stood by their principles, things would be entirely different. Its not too late for them to start doing that.

    However they have to speak it as well as do it. Put those Conservative ideas out there that they have helped the left to conceal and discredit for so many decades.

    The Party’s most destructive flaw is that there is apparently nobody left within it who understands what it stands for, and therefore there is no hope they can produce the rhetoric needed to lead the NZ people away from socialism’s acidic course.


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