Rugby World Cup – Overshadowed By The Presence of Richie McCaw

Can’t really ignore the Rugby world Cup I suppose, although it incenses me that it was given taxpayer’s money by the usual bunch of thieving vote buying power seekers.

And I’ve lost a lot of interest in rugby too, since it became a game managed by “referees” who rather than just blowing their whistle upon an infringement (as in other sports) now spend the whole game yelling at players and pointing and directing in a manner that is really just cheating. The ref should be silent and only speak through his whistle, otherwise he is giving advantage.

Rugby fans try to justify this farcical situation by claiming it is necessary to keep the game flowing. My response to that is if the rules require the referees to cheat to make the game watchable, then the game is stuffed and the rules should be changed.

However, my main point is Richie McCaw. In a country rent asunder and slowly dying under a destructive political system, where even its sporting fields are perverted into part of the political charade, McCaw stands above it all as a true hero who plays the game hard and fair and with a courage and skill that makes him in my humble opinion the best player of rugby in the world today.

Not only that, the courage and decency that is apparent in his manner is a rare commodity in today’s world. Not for McCaw the died hair, or dreadlocks with beads, or other such narcissistic womanly trappings. McCaw is a man, and he has the bearing of a man, and he speaks and acts like a man. The All Blacks would be only 30% of what they are today with McCaw’s absence. And so would rugby and therefore the World Cup.

I salute Richie McCaw, and wish him every success in his mission.

Now, if only the All Blacks would stop performing that offensive stone age dance, that political sop to the cultural change merchants among us, and get on with playing rugby.

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  1. Last night I allowed myself to watch the slot on the news about his parents. And I wasn’t disappointed. Solid,down to earth country folk.

    I’m going to as many games as I can . But you’re right the expense is not wrth it,it should not be a charge on tax and rate payers.The fact that laws are enacted to ensure sponsors rights etc is frightening .Unbelievable actually ,a real sign of the times.

    In the Octagon ,Dunedin, there’s a huge black thing that’s longer than it’s wide that looks like a giant phallus or it’s the RWC giving us all the finger…….maybe Tau should get down there.
    No doubt it’ll be on the news tonight. You read aout it here first though.


  2. Better hope McCaw doesn’t get a ref in the final who knows anything about the contest for the tackled ball.

    When the IRB decides to fix the McCaw technique via the whistle it won’t be pretty.


  3. “Better hope McCaw doesn’t get a ref in the final who knows anything about the contest for the tackled ball.”

    That’s it you see, too many of the outcomes of too many games rest upon the personal understandings of individual referees. To an extent far greater than in any other game.


  4. “too many of the outcomes of too many games rest upon the personal understandings of individual referees. To an extent far greater than in any other game.”

    Correct, however the dark arts of ruck and maul, of real contest not a pretend form of words like a League scrum, are a big part of the attraction of the game they play in heaven.
    Refs, esp Nth hemisphere, ignore new or trial rules designed to simplify the ruck and maul if they disagree with them.
    Some corporate control of staff will fix this……. only the will is missing.

    Union is above all else a serious game.
    Bull fighting is the only other that comes to mind.
    Metrosexual scrums and no contest at the breakdown eliminates League.
    Low fitness levels and huge rest breaks every 20 secs eliminates American football.

    Tho descendants of the Moguls have a contest where they play lacrosse on horses with a sheep’s head, fatalities are not unheard of, that gets a guernsey.


  5. I agree with you about Richie being someone to look up to. He is an example many could follow……..however some would say his flaunting of the ‘laws’, and getting away with it, gives him an unfair advantage.

    Referees have a massive effect on the ebb and flow of a game. The IRB has not sorted out the breakdown which allows referees to rule in favour of one side or another. The basic premis of the game is to have an equal competition for the ball; this is not happening.


  6. Hi, I was hoping to track down the original photographer of Richie’s photo. Is there any way you could provide me with his contact details as I would like to seek permission to use his/her photo for art painting purpose.




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