Watermelons- Greens New Senator Lee Rhiannon Is Life Time Communist

Greens Leader Bob Brown with life time communist Lee Rhiannon

The greens are basically a communist front group and the reason they exist is to soften the public image of anti-capitalist ideology. Don’t think the Greens are about the environment. The Greens are about anti-capitalism and using environmentalism to shut down capitalism. Their first motivator is a deeply embedded desire to destroy the capitalist system.

Of course many among them are too naive to understand this simple political fact. The wet children fresh from university or high school (fully brainwashed by fake teachers operating in a corrupt education system) who approach you in the street brimming over with enthusiasm for some over-hyped green cause really believe they’re on a mission to save the planet. So cruel of these bastards to use gullible and impressionable children in this manner, but that is the left for you.

At the top of their organisation the hard core communists rule. Lee Rhiannon delivered her first speech, as a Greens senator for New South Wales, on Wednesday 24 August 2011. Rhiannon ( a name she gave herself in 1987 when she was Lee Brown) is a hard core communist and has been so all her life. Since becoming a Senator, she has tried hard to pretend to be something else, and hide her communist past. In Australia though , there is at least some diversity in the media, and some journalists do actually ask real questions.

I now pick up on an article in Gerard Henderson’s “Media Watch Dog”, (a page readers should all bookmark) that gives the truth about Lee Rhiannon-

These days Senator Rhiannon is perhaps best known for her leadership role in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel. She maintains that her support for the BDS movement is indicative of her general support for human rights.

The problem with Senator Rhiannon’s human rights advocacy is that it is built on a double standard. She has never supported a BDS campaign against the former East Germany or such contemporary dictatorships as Cuba and Syria.

On 6 September 2011, following one of Senator Rhiannon’s regular litanies about human rights, Professor Douglas Kirsner wrote to The Australian in the following terms:

What are Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon’s credentials for her claim that she regularly speaks out against human rights abuses (Letters, 2/9)?

Did she boycott any communist countries when they were committing some of the greatest atrocities of the 20th century? When the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia to crush the Prague Spring, did Rhiannon boycott the Soviets? No, she joined the Socialist Party of Australia, a pro-Soviet grouping that split from the Communist Party of Australia after the CPA abhorred the Soviet actions.

Did she boycott the Soviet Union when it was administering psychiatric abuse such as electro-shocks to its dissidents? No, she led a delegation to Moscow. She even made an appearance in Soviet Woman.

Not even in the dying days of the Soviet dictatorship did she protest about human rights abuses.

Rhiannon leads a movement that singles out Israel for boycott. Yet Rhiannon never boycotted or distanced herself from the communist regime she supported for decades.

– Douglas Kirsner, Caulfield North, Vic

That’s the problem with Senator Rhiannon’s political persona. Her contemporary advocacy of human rights in inconsistent with her two decades spent supporting communist regimes in Eastern Europe which repressed human rights. And she will not apologise for her communist past or even acknowledge that she was a barracker for Leonid Brezhnev and other Soviet followers of Lenin and Stalin.

And of course the same applies to her professed concerns with environmentalism. Its not about saving the planet. Its about bringing down capitalism. But that intent is hidden under Green propaganda. The Green Party is a Trojan horse for Marxism. Here in NZ, and in Australia, and almost everywhere else it exists (in one form or another). You won’t read about it in the NZ media, because the NZ media is staffed by like subversives fully cognisant of the true mission of the Greens and intent on doing what they can to help them achieve their objectives.

Go here LEE RHIANNON’S (POLITICAL) PAST – A DOUBLE DENIAL and read about this two faced deceptive communist “Green”. Its a good lesson on how the extreme left operate and how corrupt the Green movement really is. (You’ll need to scroll to almost the bottom of the page).

Note: Actually there’s plenty of good reading on that page, particularly as it pertains to the left’s corruption of our print and electronic media. I recommend it as a regular read.

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  1. Gerard is the leading forensic demolisher of the left’s revision of history in Aust.
    His corporate memory is photographic and it goes back near 45 years.
    Poor Lee has attracted his attention.


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