Simon Power- As A National Party Minister, He Would Make A Good Left Wing Dictator

Simon Power, Palmerston Nth Lawyer Now Justice Minister

Simon Power as Justice Minister has been a disaster for NZ citizens. This small town country lawyer who is apparently completely ignorant of history has been at the forefront of radical changes to the Justice system. The attack on freedom of expression known as the Electoral Finance Bill was Power’s work. He has constantly attacked the presumption of innocence over guilt as instanced in his legislation to prevent file sharing, and now he wants to put through a bill that attacks the right to remain silent, one of the oldest tenets of British justice.

Remarkably, there are still some politicians in NZ who will stand against the authoritarian thug Power. Rodney Hide is one. He says he is totally opposed to the bill. Others on the right and left have challenged Power on the overall legislation (The Criminal Procedure Reform and Modernisation Bill). As a means to get the main legislation through Power has agreed to a compromise on the right to remain silent provisions and delegated the decision on this to a legal committee.

Rod Hide’s comments are quite telling-

“I regard the right to silence as a fundamental right, as well as freedom of speech, and I’m shocked that a centre-right Government is proposing to remove it.”

He’s right. That Power is attacking one of the fundamental and traditional protections an individual has against an all powerful state is a disgrace, but the real disgrace is its a National Party initiative. Yet another in a long line of events that demonstrate that National, in its present form, has completely betrayed what is professes to stand for.

Power is leaving parliament soon. It can’t come soon enough. That this country hick and small town lawyer and left wing authoritarian is fooling with centuries of British law is an outrage, but that he is in the National Party is an even bigger outrage. Turncoats and grifters the lot of them, from John Key down.

7 thoughts on “Simon Power- As A National Party Minister, He Would Make A Good Left Wing Dictator

  1. How the fuck did this rock ape ever get through law school? Since day one he has trampled all over New Zealanders’ rights. He has utterly failed in his rewriting of the name suppression laws. He has rammed through a replacement to Liarbore’s Electoral Finance Act which is so different from its predecessor that there’s absolutely no daylight between the two. He has advocated New Zealand sign up to ACTA, and taken steps to ensure the most disruptive, intrusive provisions of ACTA are implemented in New Zealand whether we sign up or not. He is now trampling all over one of the fundamental tenets of our legal traditions. As a provincial conveyancing lawyer he might have been reasonably successful, but he likely never came into contact with the Bill of Rights Act. I would recommend he read it, but the chances of him understanding it are about the same as my cat if I read it to her. Specifically, section 23 (4) says:

    “Everyone who is—
    (a) arrested; or
    (b) detained under any enactment—
    for any offence or suspected offence shall have the right to refrain from making any statement and to be informed of that right.”

    Now, as I understand it, changes to the BORA require a 75% majority to get through the House. Even on his least-incompetent day I doubt very much FIGJAM could muster that kind of support.

    FFS remove the right to remain silent? Why doesn’t he just fuck off to North Korea or Cuba where the cnut belongs?


  2. Power has made a number of knee jerk reactions in his short time as Minister.Most disappointing.
    He would be a good friend for Palmer.


  3. Yes, saw your comment there Chuck. Well said. It shouldn’t happen at all, but if any party proposes it, they should do so as an election policy, and not weave it in to some other bill.

    Just disgraceful action by John Key, Simon Power and the National Party.


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