Barack Hussein Obama- Not Legally Employable

If the claims made on various websites around the blogosphere are true, then the man presently occupying the White House is not legally employable. Government data bases that exist to give employers the means of checking on potential hirees, and where they can enter in social security numbers and other official identification report a problem with one Barack Hussein Obama. This is the blurb from the government website-

E-Verify provides an automated link to federal databases to help employers determine employment eligibility of new hires and the validity of their Social Security numbers. Self Check is a voluntary, fast, free and simple service that allows you to check your employment eligibility in the United States.

If any mismatches are found between the information you provide and your Department of Homeland Security or Social Security Administration records, Self Check will inform you of how to correct those mismatches. Self Check is a service of E-Verify. Once you have confirmed your employment eligibility using Self Check, you are unlikely to encounter difficulties upon being hired by an E-Verify participating employer.

Obama’s social security number is 042-68-4425 as supplied on his selective service card, and it has been public information for some time. The two illustrations below are screen captures of what happens on the above mentioned verification websites when anyone enters Obama’s number.

Hat tip to KG and The Steady Drip