Conservative Party- 1050 Foundation Members, Well Done Colin Craig

12 September 2011
Conservatives Overtake Minor Parties


Colin Craig, leader of the Conservative Party has announced they’ve signed up more members than the majority of established minor parties in just four weeks.

The number of paid up Conservative Party members today passed 1050.

“I understand ACT only have around 800 members after being around for 17 years, and United Future have struggled ever since 2004 to keep 500” says Craig. “To have our numbers this high so quickly is an outstanding achievement, and shows that kiwis not only want change but are prepared to stand up and do something about it.”

Craig says the established minor parties have consistently failed to provide any practical solutions for this country.

“It’s fair enough voters are rejecting them in droves” he says. “People are jumping on board with us because we have real solutions, and the backbone to stand up for what New Zealanders want.”

Today’s announcement comes amidst a struggle for party memberships. National admit their numbers are low, and are appealing for more. NZ First were only able to muster 300 to their annual conference, while United Future barely managed 60, and featured the leader of another party as their key speaker.

The Conservative Party are continuing to exceed expectations. The intention to form the party was announced at the beginning of August and was followed up by the circulation of a brochure outlining policies and seeking members four weeks ago. The party is now part way through registration, which it expects to complete comfortably before the 26th October deadline.

Mr. Craig is currently undertaking polling in more than one electorate in order to finalise which electorate he’ll stand in. There’s been speculation he will stand in Epsom against Mayoral campaign rival John Banks.


18 thoughts on “Conservative Party- 1050 Foundation Members, Well Done Colin Craig

  1. Yes I am Chris. I think it a shame that Colin could not work with ACT. I agree with him on most of his views but the chance of his party getting in Parliament is about the same as the Kiwi Party. If he and Larry Baldock joined the ACT they could have increased ACT’s share of the vote.

    The Conservative Party will be lucky to get 1% of of the vote despite what the percentage is on ipredict.


  2. “Is it because the party has too many Christian haters?”

    True. The only support the party has in any number are the Clint Heine types . . (a pathetic, cross-dressing left wing man-child if there ever was one)


  3. There are a number who think that a members and definitely ACT MPs should support libertarian viewpoint on matters relating matters sexual and in relation to the legalisation of drugs. Some do not like me for my views on the disproportionate influence militant homosexuals in society.One is quite vocal on the blog about me but he has nil influence in ACT.

    I do not let that worry me and do not see why Colin and Larry could not work with ACT. ACT policy is that ACT MPs have a free vote on nearly all issues and most definitely on moral issues. There are many older members who share my conservative viewpoints.

    I am also disappointed to see Dr Hugh Barr go with NZF. He will probably drag a few votes from ACT but even if NZF somehow got into Parliament it would have no influence.

    The Right in general seem to have a problem like the Christians seem to have a problem working together with people who do not share their viewpoint on just about everything. I experienced this some years ago in the father’s movement and decided it was a waste of time – not because they did not have a good cause but everyone wanted to be chief.


  4. Chuck, I read a lot more hate and intolerance on so called Libertarian sites than I do on Christian sites. Angus is right with his comments on “Clint Heine” types. I say they are still an influence in the ACT party and while that is so, I could not be part of it. There is no way I could work with an absolute dumbarse like Clint Heine.

    The way forward is through small government. We must take the money and power away from those whose agenda is to control us. We can only succeed in this mission if we unite in its purpose. We cannot be diverted by internal battles with knuckle dragging morons who cannot distinguish anti-Christian Marxist propaganda from reality.

    People who cannot see the value of broad Christian support should go and join Labour.


  5. “Chuck, I read a lot more hate and intolerance on so called Libertarian sites than I do on Christian sites.”

    I completely agree with you particualrly in New Zealand. Sure, there are some overseas sites like God hates Fags but not here. I make small monthly contributions to Family First and Maxim – both I think could be labeled as Christian groups because most of their members are Christians. I have attended all the Family First Forums and a number of Maxim functions. I have never heard any talk of hate towards those with a different point of view. I would challenge anyone here to find hate or intolerance on their sites.

    For any party to the right of National to have any influence you have to be able to work with people whose views you strongly disagree with even people you dislike.

    I have go to bloggers nights at the pub and had discussions with Peter Cresswell of Not PC. He does not agree with my views on a number of things and am sure considers me intolerant but I can enjoy a beer with him as I could with Willy Jackson. Willy is not that bad he paid up his $200 bet we had that Winston would lose. I am looking forward to buying a beer when he give me another $200.

    I do not think I am expecting too too much of our politicians to be able to work civilly with those they disagree with on some issues.


  6. “There are a number who think that a members and definitely ACT MPs should support libertarian viewpoint on matters relating matters sexual and in relation to the legalisation of drugs”

    Chuck, obviously as a Bible-based Christian I am against both militant (and open) homosexuality and drug law liberalisation; these are non-negotiables for me and many Christians.

    BUT even if I wasn’t a Christian I would still be against them for the very reason that sodomites/lesbians (especially in parliament and government agencies) have systematically wrecked this country over the last 40+ years, as have many of the Green policies and liberal attitudes regarding drug use. And let’s not forget that these same two groups are, as a rule, Marxists, atheists, against free speech, anti-family, etc, etc.
    While individuals who support such views are part of the ACT machine there is no way many Conservatives/Christians could ever be part of ACT, nor could they vote ACT.
    Some things are beyond compromise.


  7. I still haven’t forgotten how Cresswell in emails to me tried to “prove” that Redbaiter was trolling his site.
    The man is a devious prick, and “the truth is not in him”.
    Chuck, you said: “but even if NZF somehow got into Parliament it would have no influence.”
    About as much influence as ACT?


  8. Chuck, I admire your persistence but I think there’s a simple truth you’re unaware of–ACT is a discredited, un-trusted brand. Right up there with Labour and the National Party.


  9. Kris, I am thankful when I was involved with a cause when someone took me aside and said, “Chuck what are you trying to achieve”. I took that on board and it has helped me.

    I ask you the same question and also do you think the way you are going about it is effective? I am against many of the same thing you are but I think someone like Bob McCroskie is much more like to influence change that someone who thinks the way to achieve something is to make non-negotiable ultimatums.

    The only way to effect change is to get involved with a political party that is or likely to be in Parliament.


  10. Chuck, I believe certain man-made constructs are unable to be redeemed; if the foundation is unsound then the rest of the edifice is unstable at best, and will likely fail in a worst case. I believe ACT is one such edifice.
    It is, IMO, sometimes better to start from scratch with something new.

    I admire your dedication to change ACT from within, Chuck, but I really hope you don’t discover down the road you were only flogging a dead horse, and that nag just won’t run.


  11. Kris, I am as strongly opposed to militant homosexuals as you are. Have a look at the following

    The reality is that most parties pander to them. Many ACT members buy into their demands but the present leader and three other candidates likely to get in are not gay rights supporters to the best of my knowledge.

    Both Key and Goff are very much pro gay rights including adoption. The Greens are very pro all things homosexual. NZF is conservative but unlikely to get into Parliament.

    How does one politically oppose the homosexual agenda? A relatively small number of conservatives would have no influence at all within Labour or National. An individual can have an influence on a small party like ACT. A group of conservative individuals could have much more influence.

    If the Conservative Party is polling under 2% on the last poll before the election I would bet your vote would not count.

    The reality is that homosexuality will never be illegal again in NZ. However if you check the above link Mark Steyn points out there is a lot more damage the militant left homosexuals can do. I am a supporter of Family First and lobby within ACT to oppose their most outrageous demands. What do you suggest as more effective way to combat these types.


  12. “What do you suggest as more effective way to combat these types.”
    Chuck, what we need is a NZ version of the Tea Party, IMO, to conquer and hold in check these evils. Anything less which doesn’t have a strong moral base as part of the party’s ideology is a complete waste of time.


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