Video- What Does Michelle Obama Say About The US Flag?

The internet is running hot with claims that Michelle Obama is making some kind of derogatory remark regarding the folding of the American flag in this US Marine ceremony, held to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

I can definitely see a disdainful expression, almost a sneer, but I’m not able to discern the words. Lip readers on Youtube are claiming she is saying “All this just to fold a flag.” Others claim she is saying “All this for a fucking flag”. Maybe she is saying something like that, maybe not, but whatever the words, it is difficult to explain away that fleetingly disdainful expression.

14 thoughts on “Video- What Does Michelle Obama Say About The US Flag?

  1. Mate you & I both know they sneaked in the servants’ entrance.

    This sow really is a modern Marie Antoinette. Pity she won’t suffer the same fate.


  2. If she is smearing the Marines and the flag, it fits in with her earlier quote of “never being proud of her country until today”.

    Actually- “For the First Time in My Adult Lifetime, I’m Really Proud of My Country”


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  4. Soul Sista is in way over her head. It has always unfortunately been about race for her. She is unable to get that chip off of her shoulder.

    Most Americans don’t care about race. The 60s is over for us and we have moved on.

    The left’s constant attack based on the ‘racist’ meme is only going to bite them in the ass in that many moderates will be hesitant to pull the lever for a candidate where race could be an issue (I hope).


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  6. Gantt said “This sow really is a modern Marie Antoinette. Pity she won’t suffer the same fate.”

    Actually, Gantt, if you read Ann Coulter’s latest book “Demonic”, in which she compares the French and American revolutions, you’ll find a very refreshing take on Marie Antoinette that suggests that she probably shouldn’t be compared to Madame Obama at all. (And remember, Ann Coulter is one of us, and a fiercely conservative writer to boot. Cheers — Wakey 🙂


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