Watermelon Russell Norman- Still Trying the “Green Jobs” Con

Amazing that this kind of rhetoric can find an audience, but if its going to do so anywhere, its in NZ where a mainstream media completely controlled by left wing/ watermelon political influence constantly shields the public from the bad news on the “environmental” scam.

Private sector demand and smarter government investment are key parts of a Green Party plan to create clean, green jobs. Co-leader Russel Norman’s releasing the party’s jobs creation policy this morning. It’s expected to involve plans for about 100,000 green jobs.

Dr Norman says it’ll create not only good jobs, it’ll speed up the transition of the economy to a low-carbon, clean technology future. “The Pure Advantage Group and other leading business people have been calling out for the news on government to provide some clear steer so that the private sector can play that role of creating clean jobs,” he says.

Russell Norman’s drooling idiot propaganda flies in the face of reality and should be confronted for the witch doctor talk it really is. But who is going to confront him on this nonsense?

Not the National Party, holding Russell Norman’s Blue Green counterpart Nick Smith close to their bosom, a skulking communist who thinks the money people earn should be taken from them and used to buy political favours. He has handed out millions of taxpayer funds in recent months to dodgy watermelon schemes that I doubt very much have ever had due diligence done and will, (if events overseas give any warning), all probably drown in a sea of red ink.

The Labour party are happy of course to see attacks on capitalism in any form, so they’re not going to call Norman on his BS.

The media are completely infatuated with the watermelon message. Their ranks are filled with recent graduates from an education system totally perverted from its traditional objectives, and nowadays acting mainly as indoctrination camps for Progressive ideology and environmentalist superstition and scare mongering. The kids come out with the idea that ‘rampant capitalism is bent on killing the world’ deeply ingrained into their psyche, so they get jobs at the Herald and the Dominion where they preach madly on their new found religion.

So Norman gets a clear run on his rank propaganda. Its only the blogging world that can bring the truth. And that truth is that the global warming threat is a scam, that the sea levels are not rising, that there is no real threat to the ongoing existence of human or animal life, that most of the ice melting, habitat destroying, species die out claims of the watermelons are lies and that if we just damn well knuckled down and got on with making a living rather than fretting over imagined dangers, we would all be far better off.

Not overlooking that behind this whole “environmental’ concept is the usual shadowy left wing forces who keep coming back like rust and have conducted a campaign against capitalism for decade after decade after decade after decade. As soon as one attack fails, they come back with another, usually more cowardly and sneaking than the last. Environmentalism is the latest of these strategies.

If they were getting the truth, the populace at large would scream out “no no no…!” to any more of the kind of rubbish spoken by Russell Norman. Even a few of the facts would help. If they knew about Solyndra, (for one example) and that wind farms are an economic disaster, and that most so called “green” jobs cause massive losses in other job sectors, then Russell Norman’s deceptive words would fall on deaf ears.

That Norman believes there is political capital in speaking such nonsense is a clear demonstration of how deeply immersed NZ is in the era of watermelon crapola. We’re staggering around like blind people in this overwhelming onslaught of insane “environmentalism”, and the blogs are the only ray of light. The only rational defence to this widespread madness. The only place you will see Russell Norman and his deceitful propagandising communist ilk called for the charlatans they really are.

The head of the The Pure Advantage Group is Chris Liddel. Chris was recently Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer of General Motors. That bodes well for the organisation don’t you think? GM was recently the proud beneficiary of a $50 billion government “bailout” in the US.

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