National’s Finlayson Forks Out Another $23 million (+) For Mythical “Grievances”

The Beehive reports-

The Crown today signed an agreement in principle towards settling historical Treaty of Waitangi claims with the Maungaharuru Tangitu hapū from the Hawke’s Bay, Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Minister Christopher Finlayson announced today.

“The Maungaharuru Tangitu hapū were subjected to extensive land confiscations in the Mohaka/Waikare area and were wrongfully detained following military engagement with the Crown,” Mr Finlayson said. “This agreement will help right the wrongs of the past and help hapū build strong futures.”

The Agreement in Principle sets out at a broad redress package which includes historical, cultural, financial and commercial redress to settle the historical Treaty of Waitangi claims of the Maungaharuru Tangitu hapū.

This includes financial redress of $23 million plus interest and the cultural redress that includes part of Opouahi Station, recognising the cultural importance of the Maungaharuru range and Tutira areas

I’ve got a few simple questions-

  • How were these claims proved?
  • What legal representation did the Crown have and who acted in the Crown’s defence at the Tribunal hearing? In other words, how were the claims tested?
  • How was the $25 million arrived at as being the value of the so called “redress”?
  • How are today’s NZ taxpayers accountable for something that happened more than a century ago?

What a shameful and disgusting hoax upon the people of New Zealand.

19 thoughts on “National’s Finlayson Forks Out Another $23 million (+) For Mythical “Grievances”

  1. You understand that they’ll be back in 20 years doubling up on the same “claim”, don’t you?
    One of the boyos in Turangi says the “compensation” will be revisited again and again as any “paid for” land gains in economic value.

    It’ll never end.
    But that was always the plan.


  2. Click to access InformationBooklet.pdf

    This link covers among other stuff…

    · The consequential land loss;

    · The consequential economic, social and environmental impacts; and

    · The aspirations for a settlement with the Crown.

    “We will seek a range of redress in relation to all Crown-owned commercial property in our takiwā, and will also seek a quantum (amount of money) that is sufficient to deliver this. Included in Crown lands for return to Hapū is the Esk Forest within our takiwā (part of the Esk Forest lies within the takiwā of Ngāti Hineuru). The amount of quantum will also need to reflect that the Hapu have no existing economic base and will need to provide sufficient income to support Hapū development.”

    How do ever set a dollar figure for compensation? How much is 5 years in prison if you didn’t commit the crime worth?

    And from just after you stopped quoting…

    ““This agreement is an important step in our journey towards meeting the Government’s aspirational target of settling all historical claims in a just and durable way by 2014,” Mr Finlayson said”


  3. All very fine, but it does not answer one of the questions I asked above.

    As for “Aspirational target…” pffft,

    What rubbish…!!! How about some truth? This will be going on forever. (especially now that sub tribes have been granted claim rights)


  4. “…settling all historical claims in a just and durable way”
    Yeah, riiight. None of them have been “durable” so far–why would this handout be any different?
    And I’m still waiting to hear about compensation being paid to the descendants those peaceful white settlers who were murdered by maori…..


  5. “One of the boyos in Turangi says the “compensation” will be revisited again and again as any “paid for” land gains in economic value.”

    Already happened on more than a few occasions I believe. See my next post.


  6. From what I have heard the story backing this claim is somewhat twisted.
    Trouble is there is no way to test claims. I think Cullen started this one and Finlayson just followed on.They should be seeking compensation from Te Kootis descendants


  7. lol KG if you sit back and wait you idiot what are you to expect lmao…..We learnt both ways hahaha, blame yourselves you pitterful people….wooohooo to us!!! Ask and you’ll be given a key to this world of mine AND that we are doing…YEEEEHAAA BABY…You sit there and wait mate….


  8. I just would like to thank all you Pakeha for teaching us your language and helping us to fight your courts, laws and crown…Moan all you like clowns, while we celebrate…lol maybe if you lodge a claim you might be able to convince them, idiots bahahahaha beating you at your own game ay….Hey and guess who might be your new boss bahahahahaha You like that!!!!! We pay the lawers with crown money and they make us more wooooooohooooooo! how clever is that, but hey business is business ay…Nothing you say or do is going to stop this from progressing, we done our homework mate…Did you do yours? we know your systems better than you do…So, all in all you have a wonderful day…Go on I know your itching to comment, but just before you do once again Thank you very much…


  9. Yeah, you are correct Gee.
    Pathetically stupid pakeha fuckwits (they really are fuckwits in every sense of the word) have bent over backwards to make sure money, land and power have been handed to people on the basis of race. (actually just the fact that they have an ancestor who lived here before european settlement)
    It isn’t even a fight. The government and its departments are doing everything possible to give away as much as possible and handicap non-maori as much as they are able.
    Kind of interesting to see the timing of the constitutional reform report will coincide roughly with the
    the end of settlement of historical treaty claims (scams).


  10. Actually Gee, you are completely correct. Liberal White Guilt has made the coroprate IWI wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. One question for you: how much of the $28 Billion the Corporate IWI have managed to scam from gullible governments is trickling down and actually helping Maori?

    The Maori Party, their partners-in-crime in National and the criminals in the corporate IWI have a very real interest in ensuring NONE of that money ever finds its way to everyday Maori. Their interests lie in keeping Maori as poor as possible (relative to the rest of society), as locked-up as possible (relative to the rest of society) and as drug-addled as possible. Maori MUST remain “victims” at all cost. Because if that money does ever start finding its way to the people for whom it is intended, Liberal White Guilt will be assuaged, the rivers of gold will cease to run.

    Non-Maori New Zealand (and, for that matter, every Maori who has a job) is being scammed on a grand scale. Our pockets are being picked by the government in order to keep funnelling massive wealth to the corporate IWI. But at least it’s only our money that’s being stolen. What’s being stolen from you is any chance your people might ever have for dignity, prosperity and any kind of future other than welfare dependency and drug addiction.

    Thank your “leaders” for that you blind fool, and wonder to yourself how it is that you have to line up at WINZ for your welfare cheque while your “leaders” are rolling in cash and being driven around in chauffeur-driven style. Fuckwit.


  11. bahahahaha what you dont realize is that we have just un-tied what the crown created in the very first instace, they grouped together sub-tribes or families as one making it easier for them to negotiate with that group instead of speaking to the number of sub-tribes of that area eg. Ngati Kahungunu are made up from well HEAPS of Hapu and Marae, So a Very clever step on the crowns behalf..BUT we are 2 steps ahead there my friend..Like I said we’ve done our Homework buddy and we are in the lead…The enlarged group your thinking about Gantt Guy aint as big as you think mate lmao! And well done to my leaders I say, GREAT WORK!


  12. Welcome back KG Oh dear, I gather your abit pissed off there mate Oh dear…I’ll tell you what vote national bud, and mr key will guarantee you will be better off under his govt ahk mate muwahahahaha!!!! Oh up 2 you though bud, your vote is very important ahk matey lol.. Moral is you vote for him which gives them power to do this, thanks mate…


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