The Cowardly Left- Using Schools To Lie To Our Children

In their quest for complete political supremacy nothing has been more helpful to the left than their control (through a combination of unions, left leaning bureaucracy and government) of the education system. That this control exists is an irrefutable argument, so I am not going to waste space on that particular aspect.

Suffice to say one only has to look at any curriculum in any school or any university’s code of conduct to find a plethora of left wing policies and ideas all presented as an objective necessity for the education of our young. When people ask me why I despise the left so much, I identify the low stinking cowardice of their assault on our children as one of the main reasons.

If the left had reason at their back, they would leave children out of the political equation and argue their position with adults. They cannot do this. In most adult conversations, the left get ripped to shreds. So the only way the left can get their crazy ideas into society is through introducing them to our young. That’s why the fight so hard for compulsory student unionism. Its a big help to left wing professors in getting leftist ideas into the minds of vulnerable and impressionable students.

However, in recent times and especially with the advent of the false religion of environmentalism, the influence of the left in our schools and therefore over our children has got completely out of hand. Here I should point out that the Green Party and the Labour party have the same objectives (the destruction of the capitalist system) they just differ strongly on who has the best method for achieving that objective.

One of the most outrageous examples of left wing / false environmentalism political influence in the education system was the decision to show sexual offender Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” movie to school children. A high court judge in the UK ruled that the ‘apocalyptic vision’ of global warming presented in the film was politically partisan and not an impartial analysis of the science of climate change.

A later version of this disgusting fraud is now upon us. The Times Atlas Of The World proudly presents itself as ‘the most authoritative atlas in the world’. But its latest edition shows the ice in Greenland to be melting so fast that, since 1999, nearly a sixth of it has vanished. An area the size of Britain and Ireland combined, once covered in ice and snow, has now become ‘green and ice free’. The map revealed a whole new island off Greenland’s east coast, formerly viewed as part of the mainland. The UK Daily Mail reports-

But no sooner was this shocking evidence of global warming reported than voices throughout the scientific community began to question the atlas’s claims. For a start, there is nothing new about ‘Warming Island’ — it was clearly shown on maps with this name more than 50 years ago, long before the global warming scare began. And nor is there any evidence that Greenland had in recent years lost 15 per cent of its ice.

The U.S. climate-change sceptic science blog Watts Up With That pointed out that one reason why satellite images might have shown such a huge ice-loss was that a lot of Greenland’s coastal ice sheet has been blackened by soot and volcanic ash, so that it no longer shows up white on photographs from space.

Britain’s leading polar ice experts at the Scott Polar Research Institute said recent satellite images of Greenland made clear that there are numerous glaciers and permanent ice cover where the Times Atlas shows ice-free conditions and the emergence of land. ‘There is to our knowledge no support for this claim in the published scientific literature,’ they said.

So even though the Times Atlas clearly contains lies and propaganda designed to buttress left wing attacks on capitalism, it will soon be found in school libraries, where it will be cited by lying political agents posing as teachers as yet more evidence that climate change is now dramatically changing the world. The Daily Mail goes on-

If there is cheer to be derived from this story of the Times Atlas error, it might be that the people quickest to knock it on the head were scientists who still believe in proper scientific evidence before trying to scare the world witless.

Telling right? Here are scientists exposing lies about Global Warming, but those lies will still be fed to schoolchildren by left wing agents acting as teachers. Just as “An Inconvenient Truth” was found to be full of lies, but these were never corrected and as far as I know this perverted propaganda is still being force fed to children. Along with a thousand other such lies.

That the Germans promoted Nazisim in schools should be a lesson well learned. Political propaganda should never be part of the education system. Who is trying to fix the problem in NZ? Apparently no one. If anybody should be doing something about the utter corruption of our education system at the hands of the left, it should be the National Party. That they are quiet on the contemptible crimes being carried out in our schools is yet another sign that they are a party of cowards, without courage and without a mission.

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  1. It just amazes me that such a gross crime is apparently endorsed by every political party. Not one politician (in NZ) appears to have any objection to the perversion of our schools into left wing indoctrination centers.


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