Cops- Just The IRD in Blue Uniforms

More evidence that Police management are knee jerk idiots. The NZ Herald reports-

Police are planning a nationwide crackdown on drivers using cellphones, after disclosing that their enforcement in Auckland is far tougher than elsewhere.

What is it with these idiots that they’re apparently completely oblivious to the gang problem, the P problem and the burglary problem and seek to focus on cell phone use? I’ll tell you. The management of the Police is made up of PC morons who think their duty is not to prevent crime and keep law abiding citizens safe by protecting their rights, but to fill government coffers and shape our culture in the liberal mould.

The total value of the 14,131 tickets amounted to $1,130,480 but only 8616 fines were paid, leaving $441,200 outstanding. The defaulters will be pursued for the money.

Of course. Its all about the money.

We have a totally useless Police Force that has been perverted from an arm of the justice system into a subsection of the IRD and intent on forcing social change rather than just arresting real criminals, and it is the Police management and Government Ministers who are to blame.

5 thoughts on “Cops- Just The IRD in Blue Uniforms

  1. NZ Police have always been happiest to regard their basic work as collectors of fines from the middle classes, who pay up. Makes for a stress free workplace.

    Get sideswiped, totalling both side doors, by a “beneficial owner” in Rotorua. Get the car number plate, identify the car make model, have two sober fishermen able to identify the offender, report it immediately, get told by the coppers ” you or your insurance company will never collect any recompense, the offender will never be prosecuted, any further investigation will be a waste of our time, that’s just the way it is”.

    Ok, noted.


  2. My poorly made point was more that the law takes seriously what it chooses to take seriously for reasons that the average street cop has never thought about.

    ie. Law in NZ is a grace and favour operation.
    Where who gets prosecuted reflects the social engineering requirements of the State; the reason there are so many laws is so everyone somewhere sometime has broken one …….. the State’s power resides in choosing who (m) to prosecute and who (m) is ignored for the same “offence”.


  3. .” the State’s power resides in choosing who (m) to prosecute and who (m) is ignored for the same “offence”.”

    Which is a pretty good definition of tyranny.


  4. the cops only rank as IRD3 in terms of revenue, the SOE electricity companies are way more efficient at leaching hard earned dollars from the punters. My power bill has doubled in the year.


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