Obama and the New Black Panthers- Left Media’s Arrant Hypocrisy

Obama addresses New Black Panther March in 2007

Obama is the gangster President. The people who elected and supported him were the thugs of Chicago, the lying Marxists who control the mainstream media, the communist union the SIEU, and in news on Breitbart today, the New Black Panther Party.

While the far left Obama agents controlling the mainstream media make hay over Perry going hunting near a rock with the word “nigger” on it, they completely ignore recent revelations of Obama’s connections to the thug and blatantly racist New Black Panther movement. From Breitbart’s Big Government site-

Worthy of a racial media fury: a Republican presidential candidate with a father who painted over a nasty racial epithet decades ago.

Not worthy of a racial media fury: a sitting Democrat president who…

…spent 20 years in a racist church.

…called the racist Jeremiah Wright his mentor.

…shared a stage with the racist, anti-Semitic New Black Panther Party as a presidential candidate.

…also shared that stage with Malik Shabazz, the head of the New Black Panther Party.

… has yet to tell us if the Malik Shabazz who signed the White House guest book in 2009 is the same Malik Shabazz who heads the New Black Panther Party.

…appointed an Attorney General who all but dropped slam-dunk charges of voter intimidation against this very same New Black Panther Party.

Although the New Black Panther Party says it sees capitalism as the fundamental problem with the world and “revolution” as the solution, the new party does not draw its influences from Marxism or Maoism as the original party did. Instead, it promotes the Kawaida theory of Maulana Karenga, which includes black unity, collective action, and cooperative economics.

Malik Shabazz is the current leader. He has frequently visited Obama at the Whitehouse, although Obama’s spokepersons claim it was some other Malik Shabazz. Here are just a few of the public statements Shabazz has gained some notoriety for-

We kill the women. We kill the babies, we kill the blind. We kill the cripples. We kill them all. We kill the faggot. We kill the lesbian… When you get through killing them all, go to the goddamn graveyard and dig up the grave and kill them a-goddamn-gain because they didn’t die hard enough.

“You want freedom? You gonna have to kill some crackers! You gonna have to kill some of their babies!”

So while left media makes a big deal over a rock with the word nigger written on it, and try to connect this to Rick Perry, they say nothing over Barack Obama being in the pocket of racist gangster scum like the NBBP.

How I detest these dirty cowardly leftist scum who call themselves the mainstream media. With their brazen politically partisan deceit and deception, they make an utter mockery of the democratic process.

Screen capture of Obama Web page showing support of NBPP

17 thoughts on “Obama and the New Black Panthers- Left Media’s Arrant Hypocrisy

  1. Because they are too busy attacking each other KG,sigh….

    Thanks to both RB and KG for putting this up! Once again it’s up to the Bloggers to report the real news.


  2. KG:”Why the hell aren’t Republicans flogging this for all they’re worth? Why?”

    Because the GOP needs the Dems for reasons they dare not say?

    The more radical become the Dems, the more territory there is to compromise over. Where does all that compromising lead? Why it leads to the centralization of power (the constitution or national charter be damned) at the expense of the citizen who has his liberties infringed a little every single day.

    You could adapt the slogan at the top of my blog page to ask the same question of the GOP here or of National there.

    Is the party of the Right really fighting for the Right when its leaders look on in silence while the opposition radicals say and do things that are beyond decency and the protection of innocent human life?

    Reword that in any way you see fit, replacing “decency and the protection of innocent human life” with whatever the Left is threatening tomorrow.

    It is a truly challenging question form, is it not?


  3. “Why the hell aren’t Republicans flogging this for all they’re worth? Why?”

    My guess is that many of them actually agree with the direction Zero is taking the U.S., and that they, truth be known, are just as corrupt in their thinking and their desire to see Marxism established as is Zero and those puppet masters pulling his strings.


  4. Redbaiter, you had me pounding the desk and sayin’ yeah YEAH! and then I got to the end and it turns out what you’re really brassed off about is the mainstream media? Compared to the disgusting malfeasance of the principals, the press is an annoyance, the rancid drippings, not the putrefaction itself. But, sigh, “see gem, link to gem.”


  5. Sorry Remus but you’re wrong. The malfeasance that disturbs us so much only continues because the mainstream media cover it up.

    Can’t you see? The real point is their smearing of Perry with a story about a rock from decades ago, while Obama goes Scott free on his NBPP associations. The real point is the media’s partisan reporting. The real danger is this desperate and vicious propaganda. Its so much more damaging to our freedoms than the NBPP.

    My friend, you need to recognise the mainstream media as the foundation of so much that is wrong in America. They are the Generals in the left wing army. Their objective is a one party totalitarian state and they get out and fight for that objective every day with every word they write.

    The media’s utter corruption, resulting from its infiltration over the decades by the forces of the left, is the root of so many of our problems.

    You absolutely must recognise this or there will be no progress. No battles won.

    (Funny thing, I’ve got a post on this very issue coming up next/ soon)


  6. Well, if I absolutely ***must*** recognize this, then I have no choice, and so I shall recognize this (chuckle). You’re a caution, Redbaiter.


  7. You should doublecheck your facts. Your quotes are misattributed (a few casual seconds of Googling will lead you to the actual source, a predecessor of Shabazz). This casts doubt immediately on the dubious-sounding claim that Malik Shabazz has frequently visited the White House. Some quoting of source material would help to convince readers that this isn’t just wishful (spiteful) thinking.


  8. “Why the hell aren’t Republicans flogging this for all they’re worth? Why?”

    Because there’s nothing to it. For one, the site this redneck putz shows was a social media module of my.BarackObama.com where ANYONE could post ANYTHING. Someone posted this on their “profile” and it was taken down immediately. Nice try, but major failure there.

    Secondly, this was not a “campaign” march, it was a march to commemorate the 45th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” (http://www.nps.gov/nr/travel/civilrights/al4.htm). They’re at the same civil rights event. Big deal. I’m sure there were klansmen showing up at the same events as Bush and Reagan, does that mean they’re “associated”?


  9. Gerhardt, at some point (which is becoming increasingly clearly denoted), inaction and self-indulgent chardonnay soliloquising actually become cowardly, treasonable and collaborative with the enemy. You just crossed that line.


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