The NZ Left Need To Read This

Brendan O’Neill is a self described Marxist, and he’s saying in Australia not only what the Australian and NZ left should be saying, but also what those who claim to be on the right should be saying.

The lack of protest over what happened to Andrew Bolt is disgraceful, and that the left have cheered for this despicable outcome, and failed to challenge it and criticise it as Brendan O’Neill does is yet another example highlighting that those poncing liberals at Public Address, and the Dim Post, and the Chris Trotters and even the David Farrars, and the No Ministers, don’t really give a damn about freedom of expression. In spite of what they profess.

O’Neill writes-

THE most shocking thing about the Andrew Bolt case is not the judge’s decision but the slavish, unquestioning acceptance of it by huge swaths of Australia’s cultural elite.

….In my view, that makes this ruling a massive slap in the face for freedom of thought and freedom of expression, for individual conscience and the right of people to give public expression to their conscience as loudly and rowdily and provocatively as they please.

Yet, as I say, Bromberg’s censorious judgment isn’t even the most shocking thing about this sordid show trial of a man who dared to reject the multicultural ethos. No, the most shocking thing is the stunning absence of anger over what has been done to Bolt.

Those who describe themselves as liberal with a small L, as leftish, progressive and open-minded, have demonstrated no liberal tendencies whatsoever in relation to the ruling against Bolt.

Instead they have supported it or shrugged their shoulders in response to it.

…a judge alone, for all his gravitas and authority, cannot set a precedent in the widest sense. For a precedent to take root, to make an impact on society, it must find a willing or at least uncritical audience.

Damn right, especially that last bit. The judgement has found just that “willing and uncritical” audience among the hypocritical left and fake right of NZ and Australia. The whole article is here. Silence of the illiberal lambs.

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  1. All you get from the NZ blogosphere are fuckers like Milt whining about “stuffed shirt conservatives” in the censor’s office denying him his fundamental right to watch a blow job scene at 9:00pm on free-to-air television.


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