Who are the racists again?

US pollster Rasmussen asked: “Do people oppose the president’s policies primarily because they believe the policies are bad or do they oppose the president’s policies because they are racist?”

43% of black Americans said racist.
26% of black Americans said policies.
31% of black Americans were unsure.

16% of white Americans said racism.
73% of white Americans said policies.
11% of white Americans were unsure.

In the 2008 election, 95% of black voters went to the ballot for Obama and only 4% for McCain.

6 thoughts on “Who are the racists again?

  1. Romney + Cain or Rubio is the ticket, put your house on it.
    Either VP should suck ethnic votes off Oby that he can’t afford to lose.

    After a President who has undoubtedly committed a felony re his non personal and out of state application for his SSN, that doesn’t exist, Romney the Establishment RINO will get the job done.
    The hope for conservatives will be Rubio in 2016.

    The bookies are screwing up big time….Oby $1.78….any Rep ….$2.00.


  2. Romney is being forced down our throats by the mainstream media, the Democrats and the Republican establishment. I’d rather another 4 years of Obama.


  3. If Christie had a full term as Governor under his belt, if Rubio had 3 or 4 years in the Senate, if Perry wasn’t an open borderer….the Repubs would have somewhere else to go….they don’t.

    They haven’t got anyone except Romney, your matey Cain is a dead man walking due cancer, what a tragedy, he was the best announced candidate by far.
    Careful what you wish for, 4 more years of Oby and the US might be ready for partition.


  4. “Careful what you wish for, 4 more years of Oby and the US might be ready for partition.”

    Romney is no solution. Whatever will be will be, but I’m done with compromise. Totally done with it.


  5. Yeah, I understand your angst ….the NYT / MSM picked McCain for the Reps, Coulter told them what would happen and it did.
    Romney has a better line, at least he’s run something unlike McCain , ex governor + business background is a good start. He’ll hold up during the debates with Oby the smooth One.
    Rom’s an opportunist RepDem, but there is no other choice except 4 more years.
    And that’s all she wrote.


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