Nick Smith Collects 28000 Old TVs- So What Happens Now?

The Beehive reports

Minister for the Environment Nick Smith today announced that The Great TV Take Back campaign netted 28,000 unwanted TVs for recycling – far exceeding the Government’s expectations.

Great. So what happens now and how much has this whole farce cost so far and what is it going to cost before its over with? Information starkly absent from Nick “Solyndra” Smith’s (as usual) glowing self serving press release.

8 thoughts on “Nick Smith Collects 28000 Old TVs- So What Happens Now?

  1. Better than recycling would be to drop them on his head. 28000 implosions and the eco(nomic) kamikaze might just get a glimpse of real life.


  2. This is actually only phase 1.

    Apparently there’s many more scheduled to be collected.

    I wonder what genius did the cost benefit analysis on this?


  3. “cost-benefit”?
    Easy…the taxpayer carries the costs and Smith gets the benefit. (publicity and brownie points from the braindead greens.)


  4. Reminds me of a local NZ polytechnic with a recycling jones. Unbeknownst to these muppets all their carefully sorted material is simply heaved into the waste-taker and driven to the local landfill.

    Out of sight, out of mind – and don’t we all warm and saintly about it?


  5. Doesn’t anyone own a floating oil boom in NZ?
    Calm conditions make for perfect retention until it gets pumped up.
    Ohh…no pumps either, you say.

    The “authorities ” role seems to be to “watch”.
    Perhaps letting the Evil Oil spread is an excellent bit of social engineering reinforcement for the horrors of Big Oil.

    Learned helplessness is the ideal state for the masses, according to the governors.


  6. How many more tvs will be axed when NZ goes digital?
    The local transmitter here in the UK has just switched over.
    Thus, the portable in the kitchen now gets a poor reception of Newcastle transmitted programmes rather than a decent picture from the more local Yorkshire. The larger tv in the lounge is fine because it was digital and also works via Sky.
    I keep telling my parents that they will never see BBC North or Yorkshire TV on that kitchen set ever again and they best get a new telly, despite the old kitchen set being just five years old.
    This is better than messing with extra wiring for a set top box, which will cost 30 quid, as opposed to 100 quid or so for a whole new tv set.
    I am sure when NZ goes digital the number of tvs to be abandonned will multiply several-fold.


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