Herald “Journalists” Banned For Ten Days, How Sad

Parliament’s speaker has banned the New Zealand Herald from its press gallery offices for 10 days. The paper’s web site, in defiance of parliamentary regulations, published a photo of guards and members of the public restraining the man who tried to dive from the public gallery on Wednesday.

The Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union and the Parliamentary Press Gallery have described the ban “as heavy handed and concerning”. Herald Editor Tim Murphy says the decision is so disproportionate it’s outrageous.

Well here’s the rub Mr Murphy. If you and your cadre of commie thugs were anything like real journalists I might support you in your protests. After all, in a democracy, freedom of the press should be sacrosanct.

However you and your so called journalists are just a collection of commie rabble who have over the years worked to undermine democracy and pull NZ further and further, by increments, to the left, and you’re no damn loss to this democracy.

You don’t want democracy, you want a one party state. So stop the whining and the hypocrisy. Your paper has for years refused to provide a voice for alternative views and even now your opinion pages and your editorial reek of left wing subversion. You practice censorship to an outrageous degree.

Where are the opposing voices to global warming? Where are the opposing voices to Agenda 21? Where is Mark Stein?

Where’s Ann Coulter?

Where is James Dellingpole?

Where is Andrew Bolt?

Take your medicine commies. Give ’em hell Lockie.


Dominion Post editor Bernadette Courtney said the ban was “outrageous”, and she would complain to the Speaker. “It’s an outrageous attack on the freedom of the press, it was a news event and the public had the right to see what was happening – you can’t sanitise news.

You can’t sanitise news?? You can’t sanitise news??? Man, I’ve read some hypocritical BS before but that about takes the cake. These are the same far left liberals who daily filter their output for anything that might detrimentally effect their left wing political agenda.

They’re the main reason that the political spectrum in NZ is limited by extreme left on one side and far left on the other. They daily make a mockery of the ideas behind the “freedom of the press” by refusing to print anything that doesn’t fit into their crippled progressive world view.

If they were real journalists producing a real newspaper, I’d be with them. But they’re not. They’re all fakes. I say again- Stick to your guns Lockie. Tell these sanctimonious hypocrites to GFT.

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  1. Not sure why all the fuss about the ban–the Herald “journos” can continue simply making stuff up. Business as usual.


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