MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell- Communist Dirtbag Posing As Journalist Does His Best To Destroy Herman Cain

Check out this nausea inducing performance by a typical MSNBC fake journalist as he does his best to attack and bring down Herman Cain as a Presidential Candidate.

This is the same O’Donnell (and his like throughout the mainstream media) who have never asked Barack Obama one hard question.

You see that Ol Remus?

Its why the left’s infiltration of the bulk of our media presents the biggest threat to our freedom that is out there. They are the vanguard of the Democrat Party that is today at the mercy of the extreme left and controlled by the progressive faction.

O’Donnell and his like are the true traitors to the US, and the fight starts with them.

5 thoughts on “MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell- Communist Dirtbag Posing As Journalist Does His Best To Destroy Herman Cain

  1. I saw the entire interview. Cain was so good natured about O’Donnell, and O’Donnell seeming so willing to accept Cain’s offer to come back, that I could not help but think that O’Donnell is angling to be Cain’s Sam Donaldson.*

    If true, then that would mean that O’Donnell thinks that Cain stands a good chance of becoming the next President. Once again, I must warn you against staking your hopes on what any of the Lefty loons think. But still. LOL

    *I could almost see that old bastard Donaldson’s bushy arching eyebrows on superimposed on Larry, especially when he fired back Cain’s “offended” line like he (O’Donnell) had any right to be offended. Cain caused that stupid childishness out of O’Donnell. It was beautiful. :thumbsup:


  2. Add to the astrisk: For those who don’t know, Sam Donaldson was ABC’s (US) white house reporter during the Reagan years. Time and again Sam would try to trip up the RR. And every time the Gipper would — very nicely and with humor — rip Sam a new one.

    Herman Cain reminded me tonight of that like no politician since Ronald Reagan.


  3. Lawrence O’Donnell is a typical Harvard racist snob that pose’s as being a man of the common people.


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