A Few Funny Things About Russell Brown’s Public Address

I’ve just been reading a thread on Public Address, that collection of sneering elitists who have, if you believe their own publicity, cornered the market on intelligent discussion.

While frequently slagging off commenters on other blogs, they have on Public address people who say things like this

I reckon the one single aim of the occupy movement should be to open up all the prisons. Start by freeing people. You don’t need to disband the police. Trained professionals who can impartially resolve disputes are handy to have around. But people should be free.

Another amusing comment-

“Why won’t the PM front on Morning Report? In fact, he’s fairly reticent, as most National ministers seem to be, of fronting to the media.”

These poor saps still don’t get it. They think their gambit of stuffing our televison and radio stations and newspapers with progressives, communists, and various other kinds of left wing sympathizers and calling them “the media” is still working.

This staggering unawareness is most on display where they have some dropkick far leftist from the BBC and US Public Radio fronting a RNZ program they dare to call “Mediawatch”.

As if they’re above any scrutiny themselves, they appoint themselves judge and jury on what they consider to be breaches of some vague far left code of practice in broadcasting. When they breach public trust everyday by pretending to be politically objective yet most of the time ensuring that only far left views get an airing.

I’ve never heard Mediawatch, so I don’t know how one gets their attention, but I find it laughable that its run by someone whose credentials include working for such discredited outfits as the BBC and US Public Radio.

Russell Brown pops in with a real funny line-

“Campbell Live has the same problem”

Hahah….. FFS, do these morons really think that there are still politicians out there who feel the need to subject themselves to badgering by commies like Campbell? That any serious politician would want to waste time talking to such fake journalists as have constantly used their positions to push extreme left wing causes rather than report objectively?

What exactly has any perceived center right politician got to gain by subjecting themselves to the kind of political assassinations Campbell and the rest of his far left mainstream media ilk are so known for?

The last funny thing I noticed was how often the hard left commenters there get the words “media” and “us” confused. They apparently see the two as interchangeable, which kind of closes the case on the whole left wing media thing, don’t it.

2 thoughts on “A Few Funny Things About Russell Brown’s Public Address

  1. The link provided me with the first, and probably last viewing. Clown shoes. Speaking of which- the last time I actually watched Campbell (aside from a band interview) he was being shut down by Winston Peters.
    Oh funny. Peters telt him a Chinaman would indeed do a better job interviewing- for one third the price!


  2. “A drunk 16-year-old allegedly stabbed a gay policeman before running down the road yelling “I killed someone”, the Crown says”.

    To appreciate what the leftards have done to the NZ “justice” (sic) system….guess how long this joker gets….
    8 years …out via parole with age considerations in 4……maybe 3 with “supervision” …is my guess.

    In NSW, life without parole is likely for similar……at least 25 years.


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