IRB- Tough On Mouth Guards But Bryce Lawrence Gets A Pass

Another world cup rugby player is apparently facing a $10,000 fine for wearing an unapproved mouth guard. In other such autocratic actions, helicopters have been warned about flying too close to the stadium as the logos of their owners are “unauthorised” advertising.

While the IRB seems so perfect in such matters, they’d managed more than a few wrong calls on management, most notably by allowing a NZ referee (Bryce Lawrence) to referee the Australia Ireland game, and also (IMHO) in allowing Lawrence a role in reffing any game at RWC.

Lawrence has never been up to the standard required to ref at such a level, and this fact has become painfully obvious during the tournament, as Lawrence has gone from bad to worse.

Thankfully, Lawrence’s role at the tournament appears to be over, but questions remain over why the IRB management, viciously effective in matters of mouth guards, took no action to remedy the appalling deficiencies in Lawrence’s refereeing.

Bad rules and bad refereeing have had too much of an effect on the outcomes of too many games.

So who is accountable at the IRB? I know Paddy O’Brien is responsible for referee selection, so he has to go.

I don’t know what other management structures exist at the IRB, but if it was up to me, I’d fire the lot of them for their rank incompetence in setting regulations that have allowed doubtful refereeing decisions to decide too many matches.

Rugby games should not be decided by the capricious calls of incompetent and erratic referees, who by their inconsistencies set up a playing environment that confuses and discourages the players. In many cases poor refereeing has undermined the momentum or completely destroyed the playing confidence of a team.

I’ve complained for years about referees “managing” rugby games. The appalling situation at the RWC proves I was dead right.

7 thoughts on “IRB- Tough On Mouth Guards But Bryce Lawrence Gets A Pass

  1. Red we can turn Rugby into a game half refereed by real time video the same as American Football is, it may not be a bad thing for very obvious on ground mistakes in big games.
    The delay might not be too bad, we do it playing advantage now, add 5mins more per half to compensate, see how some of those half fit Nth hemisphere teams cope. 🙂

    It’s the breakdown rules as well.


  2. I don’t reckon we need to do it.

    Never used to have the problems we have today.

    The rule changes made by the IRB over the last two decades or so have all been counter productive.

    They should be held to account.


  3. “The rule changes made by the IRB over the last two decades or so have all been counter productive.”

    Interesting, I better have a think about that.

    At first blush, the rules were changed to ensure the static, penalty ridden,slow, traditional Nth Hemisphere game did not kill Rugby. A Super 15 under the old rules would have died as a commercial spectacle, I believe.


  4. OK, maybe not all of the rules, but having referees “manage” the game means its no longer a sporting contest between two teams.

    So if that’s what has to happen to make it watchable, it completely undermines the spirit of the game, and they may as well let rugby die.


  5. I did once see a straight lineout throw.
    Hard to believe, I know.

    It was a Taupo under 10s match in 1979.

    Oh, what a joy.


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  7. Everybody say how bad Bryce is but what about Paddy who let him ref the AUS, SA game? It almost seems as if they intended for AUS to loose against Ireland by the hands of Bryce so that AUS. can oust SA before SA plays NZ also by the hands of Bryce. IRB seems to be a bunch of hooligans.


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