Tony Abbot Shows Up John Key and Nick Smith

Tony Abbot is leader of the Australian Opposition, and he acts like he’s in opposition, unlike Key and Smith who are so bereft of argument and fact and communication skills and courage, that even when they are the government, all that’s left is to make themselves look like Labour.

TONY Abbott has warned businesses not to buy future-dated emissions permits under the Gillard government’s carbon tax scheme, in a threat branded “reckless” by Labor.

Adding to the uncertainty surrounding the tax, the Opposition Leader said firms purchasing emissions permits should do so in the knowledge the scheme would be shut down if the Coalition won the next election.

“We will repeal this legislation. We will dismantle the bureaucracies it has spawned,” Mr Abbott told a Menzies Research Centre tax roundtable in Sydney.

“And we give businesses fair warning not buy forward permits under a tax regime that will be closed down.”

Could you ever imagine the two socialist turncoats Smith and Key saying something so forthright and so forcefully opposed to the Climate Change Scam?


One thought on “Tony Abbot Shows Up John Key and Nick Smith

  1. No, nor can I imagine any party or politician in NZ saying so.
    The man is excellent, there is still a chance for aussies and maybe, indirectly, NZ.


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