Peter Schiff Likes Herman Cain- Libertarians Become Green Eyed Monsters

On his radio show, Libertarian economist Peter Schiff said he liked Herman Cain, and the Libertarians have gone crazy with jealousy. Here a Paultard weeps piteously over Schiff’s “betrayal”-

Slowly, bit by bit, my love for Schiff is diminishing. I gave him $300 bucks for his campaign in Connecticut and made hundreds of calls for him. Now he’s just launched his own SuperPAC and now he talking about how Herman Cain is the man!

Another commenter says-

The only reason schiff is even a blip on the radar, is because he supports Ron Paul. If he backs anybody but Ron Paul, he will become meaningless again, no matter how much he preaches about the ‘free market..

Aaaahh, so fickle, like teenage girls fighting over Justin Beiber. One thing I like about Herman, he don’t wear false eyebrows.

One thought on “Peter Schiff Likes Herman Cain- Libertarians Become Green Eyed Monsters

  1. Surprising Schiff would back Cain as Cain is a bankster and seemingly oblivious to the anger of the Tea Party to the actions of the Federal Reserve and, who opposed it being fully audited. Limbaugh too, sadly, who mocked a news story about Cain losing the Tea Party’s support over that one issue, commenting sarcastically about their expertise on the Federal Reserve. In response to that, I think Tea Partiers know *enough* about the Fed’s role in the failure of central planning to rescue the economy and role in creating the financial crisis: a system by the bankers, for the bankers, enabling the politicians to monkey with financially-crazy but politically appealing schemes like the Community Reinvestment Act and Fanny Mae et al. Plus all the printed money Obama has wasted on politically motivated spending. I don’t think the US is going to turn the corner on the corrupt financial system in the hands of Cain. There’s more than just government that needs extricating from the lives of people in that nation.


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