Why The Left Hate Free Speech- A Concise Explanation

These are Australian columnist Janet Albrechsten’s words, and I got them from Andrew Bolt’s blog in the Herald Sun, but they deserve the widest possible promotion, as they are a concise and succinct explanation of the left’s constant campaign to silence opposing voices-

.. maybe the Left’s lily-livered approach to free speech is best explained by this distinction. Most people on the conservative side of politics may believe those on the Left are wrong on the important issues but fully support their right to express their views. The attitude is “go ahead, do your best at explaining your position and just watch us counter it with better arguments”.

Showing their illiberal tendencies, many on the Left view their ideological opponents in different terms. Opponents are not just wrong but evil. And evil views have no place in a civil society. Seeing conspiracies around every corner, they prefer silencing dissent to answering it. Whether it’s about supporting strong borders or challenging the victimhood focus of indigenous policies, opponents are assumed to have bad motives: read racism and xenophobia. And those with bad motives don’t deserve an airing.

Read Janet’s words and cogitate. You won’t find this kind of stuff in the NZ media.

11 thoughts on “Why The Left Hate Free Speech- A Concise Explanation

  1. You don’t realise the huge differences between Aust and NZ until you live in one then return to the other. At core Aust has always had a dominant rabidly anti Statist left Talkback radio which counters the hoards of TV talking head leftoids……much to their elitist horror.

    Some of the effete wee poseurs on NZ current affairs TV would not survive their first day when dealt to by Jones or Hadley or Smith.
    With the “Bolt Report” http://ten.com.au/boltreport.htm there is finally one, yep just one, conservative comment TV program….. once a week.

    Still, don’t trust the Murdoch Press, today it runs Janet, yet they’ve been thumbsucking Statist Fabians often in the past…..no better than Fairfax or Their ABC.

    It’s fair to say Aust is bad but NZ is horrendous.


  2. I read Albrechtson’s commentary today (like you, via Bolt) and was going to put something up at CR. Thank you for posting this, Red. It’s just a shame that if kiwis want to get any kind of non-leftard commentary or news at all we have to go to the Aus sites.

    And Sika, far from not trusting the Murdoch Press (or, if you’re Bankrupt Bob, the “hate press”), it shows the Murdoch Press in Aus provides a small amount of balance by publishing commentary from both freedom-loving and statist commentators. Much like Fox in the US.

    Imagine some Conservative slipped through the net and wound up with a show on NZ TV? Even on one of those channels nobody watches, like TVNZ7 (perhaps right before or right after Citizen A or Back Benches), or TV3 (to balance that fat, biased POS Garner)?


  3. TGG….mate, you’ve got a perception problem if you think The Australian, HS and the Tele are anything like FOX.
    Although compared to the NZ Herald, I understand how that happens.


  4. Sorry – I wrote that incredibly poorly, didn’t I? Not suggesting the Aus press is like FOX, just suggesting that FOX has a balance of both left and right commenters and, unlike the NZ press, the Murdoch press in Aus has at least some Conservative commentary.

    Conservatives aren’t yet illegal in Australia (but give PM Gillard and President Brown time) the way we are in NZ.


  5. Doan worry….nothing can save Jooles……and the wipeout of the Greens/Independents in the Reps will be of biblical proportions. Alas the Senate remains.


  6. Yep, but the LSM is already warming the sheeple up for 2 elections. Abbott will engineer himself a Double Dissolution, and he’ll pull the trigger as quickly as possible. The watermelons will be wiped out in the Lower House and they’ll definitely lose their balance of power in the Upper. Next year or so will be fun to watch.

    It’s funny to watch as people continue to misunderestimate ( 🙂 ) Mr Abbott.


  7. Abbott will beware the DD.
    Doing that 9 months in is not a good look in Aust, looks self indulgent…….esp as the CO2 Tax can be easily neutered without the Senate, despite the “ruinous property rights compensation” dills.

    You know the problem…..Abbott is generally terrified of the MSM and is likely to do a wasted 3 years like Bailleau in Vic, frozen in the headlights….you have NatLab, we anticipate LibLab.
    Reality sucks.

    So what’s the NZ$ drain on the national accounts of our CO2 penalties, again?
    Another reason for Kiwi companies to relocate to Aust….the drop in electricity prices come the Libs should be large…..with no compulsory spendthrift “renewable” component.


  8. You may be right, although Abbott is at least leading with his fists rather than his chin. He will go to the election clearly warning people that once they have the Lower House they will still need to do something about the watermelons in the Upper.

    I’m not sure I agree with you re: Baillieu. Baillieu was elected by default – he didn’t propose any policies, he didn’t oppose any policies. He was elected simply by not being John Brumby, and it now shows. Abbott on the other hand has the 2 biggies he’s currently shouting about (CO2 tax and boat people). He’ll need to go positive on both, as well as workplace relations in the lead-up to the election.

    I guess we’ll see. Can’t come soon enough, and MUST come before 1 July 2012.


  9. “Some of the effete wee poseurs on NZ current affairs TV would not survive their first day when dealt to by Jones or Hadley or Smith…”
    Ain’t that the truth!


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