MMP & Sandra Grey- NZ Herald Does What It Can For The Comrades

The Herald runs a story today on MMP, reporting on a poll that finds 50% support for retaining the status quo.

The article gives a lot of space to leaders of the group “Keep MMP”.

Keep MMP spokeswoman Sandra Grey said the group would continue talking about the benefits of MMP as focus on the November 26 referendum sharpened.

“We can expect a lot of myths about MMP to be touted about over the next few weeks but the facts speak for themselves,” she said.

“MMP is the fairest system on offer, where everyone’s votes count equally no matter where they live. It has delivered stable governments of the left and right and we have had greater accountability to voters.”

This is blatantly partisan rubbish of course, but one would at least expect the Herald to divulge facts about Sandra Grey that would help readers decide on how much credibility her words carry.

Sandra Grey is a Marxist academic and public sector unionist who has guest posted on the Communist blog The Standard on more than one occasion.

If we had a real media here, it would tell the truth that MMP was foisted upon NZ by a collection of extreme left wingers in the first place, and the same kind of left wingers are nowadays at the forefront of trying to retain it.

If there was any need for change in the electoral system, it could have been met by STV (single transferable vote). We would not then have been saddled with Marxists like Keith Locke and Sue Bradford in parliament, cowards sneaking in the back door by avoiding the inconvenience of having to persuade people to vote for them.

Knowing who people like Sandra Grey really are would go a long way towards helping a lot of NZers decide on MMP.

MMP is basically a Marxist device that preys on apathy in the community. That’s why it has worked so well for the left in NZ, where the problem of natural apathy is exacerbated by a partisan left wing mainstream media deliberately concealing facts that should be made public.

6 thoughts on “MMP & Sandra Grey- NZ Herald Does What It Can For The Comrades

  1. Sadly Red I suspect that if even an electoral system change is voted for in the next election there will be no great rush to do so.. The usual turkeys looking forward to Christmas springs to mind, there will be no mad rush to change our system. It will probably only happen if a government is on the ropes and makes it an election promise to get it over the finishing line, In short , we’re fucked .


  2. Saw her on the box this am. For a comrade she sure has a big appetite!

    One of the biggest problems I have with MMP is the lack of accountability to a defined constituency it gives to the troughers.
    Historically our “representatves” have always had to front up to us,the people, in a hall or at a rally or wherever. THis lets them off the hook…think Alamein Korpu or whatever her name was .And of course you’ll get 5% of nutters across a broad spectrum. You’ll get 5% in one room,but at least they’ll be voted down.


  3. Thanks for that link Kowtow. Couldn’t get much from the interview, other than that neither of the advocates were for STV. The referendum though sounds like the typical bureaucratic ballsup you would expect. FFS..!!


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