Nick Smith’s Ponzi ETS Scheme

I’ve claimed carbon trading as a ponzi scheme for years and now even politicians are coming out with the cold hard truth. The truth that Nick Smith has continually denied. John Baird, the Canadian Foreign Minister, cuts through Smith’s deceitful waffle in what he says in Greg Sheridan’s Australian article entitled

International carbon trading halfway between fantasy and fraud

Baird says-

“(Carbon trading) is like a pyramid marketing scheme. You don’t have to actually sell the dog food, you just have to get 10 of your friends to do it and you’ll get royalties.”… ”

Carbon trading is a scam and Nick Smith is a scamster. Long past time this crook was fired from our government, and the ETS was abandoned.

3 thoughts on “Nick Smith’s Ponzi ETS Scheme

  1. The most fanatical world wide lusters after an ETS are the Mega Money Institutions.
    Institutions like Goldman Sachs.
    No prizes for guessing why. In a decade the compulsory price of CO2 in Aust. is predicted to double and triple from AU$23 a ton.

    But the honey pot isn’t in straight trading it’s in the subsequent derivative markets.
    Goldman has helpfully offered to be the CO2 options market maker in Aust.

    It’s predicted that a total CO2 derivative market will rapidly dwarf all others on earth except currencies and interest rates. And it goes on forever.

    A superb earner based on the CAGW lie …… the last great buffalo hunt.
    “Money for nothing……”


  2. Nick Smith is the primary reason that I, a conservative person who would never consider voting for Labour or the overtly left wing parties, won’t vote National for the foreseeable future. Also, I live in Epsom so my vote means something!


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