I’m No Lemming- I’ll Post What I Damn Well Like When I like

This website is not a New Zealand website. And even if it was it would make no difference. It is my personal site (based in the US) that I use to communicate my views on various issues to people from all over the world, not just New Zealand.

To be compelled to stop doing that on one particular day because some silly little bunch of socialist government bureaucrats in some silly little socialist backwater way down in the South Pacific have deemed it illegal is utter nonsense.

I express my views on politics and other issues, and nobody is forced to read them. In fact, there’s some effort needed to do so. First the reader needs to start up a computer in his home or office or wherever. He has to make the conscious effort to switch it on.

Next, he has to connect that computer to the web. Another conscious but voluntary decision.

Then, he has to start his web browser. Yet another deliberate and voluntary action.

After that, if he wants to read what I have written on TrueblueNZ he has to seek out my website, which he does through bookmarks or search engines.

Using bookmarks or search engines again involves a number of choices and actions all voluntarily made.

Then, assuming after all of these choices, he finds his way to TrueblueNZ, he then has the choice of reading the material or merely clicking out of the site and going to some other site.

Then, if he chooses to read the material, he has to make a conscious decision to consider it, and another deep decision as to whether it should influence his thinking.

So, over all those decisions made by the reader, I only have to make one decision, and its to write something on my blog. The responsibility of reading and being influenced by what I write rests much more substantially with the blog reader. Not the blogger.

I’m going to offer an opinion on the NZ elections to my readers right now, and whether those readers are in New Zealand of the United States or Australia or The UK is beyond my control, and I will not be stopped from communicating my thoughts on this particular day just because the chance exists that some NZer might go through all the processes and read and be influenced by what I write.

The whole idea is preposterous nonsense and its a demonstration of what lemmings most NZers are that they would prostrate themselves to this ridiculous and unworkable legislation dreamed up by some bunch of bumbling out of touch socialist bureaucrats in some dingy government backroom in some miserable little debt ridden slowly disintegrating socialist backwater somewhere on earth.

The internet is global, and not subject to the insultingly ignorant decrees of local petty tyrants dressed in their robes of self importance.

As for my comment? It’s read this post, that was brought to my attention by my good friend at PM of NZ, and highlights how the current National Party is just a weak and impotent shadow of the political force it once was. NZ will not turn from its suicidal social and political course until the National Party either is restored or becomes meaningless in political terms.

A NZ voter with principle would ask himself only a couple of questions-

How can I vote for a party that has so openly and consistently betrayed those political principles it claims to hold most dear? How can such a collection of charlatans have any worth to me?

NZ voters need to seek out alternatives to the shallow shimmering mirage that is the National Party today.

BTW, if the Electoral Commission really want to save NZers from themselves, they should pass a law making it an offense for ANY INDIVIDUAL to seek out political opinions in the media or on websites on election day. That, as silly as it would be, still puts the onus for this retarded and prehistoric strategy where it belongs. Not with the “publisher” but with the voter/ reader.

Further reading-Elections NZ- Electoral Commission and Social Media

Posted in support of my good friend at CR.

36 thoughts on “I’m No Lemming- I’ll Post What I Damn Well Like When I like

  1. Damn well said, RB. You can’t influence me, because I voted days ago (yet another hole in this ridiculous law). The really sad thing is, the majority of New Zealanders by a long stroke will be ticking the National Party box today, thinking by doing so they are choosing a government which differs in some way from the one they would have gotten had they ticked the Labour Party box. Utterly, completely deluded Sheeple the fucking lot of them.


  2. (And it also highlights the NZ blogs who have toed the bureaucrat’s line and therefor don’t give a stuff about liberty). It’s not “respect for the law”–it’s cowardice.


  3. Yep, and another ridiculous aspect of it is that how can it possibly matter when the stuff was written, today, yesterday, or the day before yesterday?

    Its when it is read that matters.

    And if a voter chooses to seek out political opinion on the web on election day he does it completely at his own initiative.


  4. Not only cowardice..it’s treason.
    Look at this crap from Farrar..
    “If any commenter does post a comment that could be considered in breach, I will be happy to supply their e-mail address and IP address to the Electoral Commission. I will also delete the comment and suspend the account.”
    I sometimes read him, but from now on, as the saying goes..”It’s goodbye from me”


  5. Holy crap! He said that??
    That fucker belongs in Zimbabwe or North Korea. What a fucking disgrace the bald-headed eunuch is.


  6. Heh! Insurrection from the extreme far right.

    I’m sure Farrar sneaks a peak into Trueblue every now and again (and then washes his hands repeatedly). I wouldn’t put it past him to report you to the Electoral Commission.


  7. Won’t do him any good if he does. We’re (relatively) free men and all a prosecution would do (assuming that’s even possible) is highlight the repressive, illogical nature of the relevant Act.


  8. And I reckon any U.S. based web hosting company would put the First Amendment ahead of grubby little Pacific island politics in any case. 😉


  9. National Socialists: we promise to enslave your Grandchildren to debt servitude
    Liarbore: We promise to enslave your Great Grandchildren to debt servitude and as part of the fealty they can be multi lingual learning Mandarin, Cantonese and Maori
    NZF: we promise to … what the fuck pass me the scotch and send in the whores, and put it on my ministerial credit card, it can join Filk Coughs’ mountain of never ending IOUs.
    Mana Party: Who gives a fuck about grandchildren, they’ll be in the hangi pit, because we already ate the rich, so its onto the next course you white MOFO
    Maori Party: We promise to breed more Grandchildren to allow us heavies to extort more money and blockade beaches
    Green Party: we promise to let you freeze your arse off because you won’t be able to afford electricity once we have had a go at your wallets.. take that you carbon footprint defilers,.. you won’t have any grandchildren to worry about, because you’ll be gaia food before you have a chance to foul the planet
    United Future: fuck my hair looks good, Charles can you put a little more of your special cream in it, the winds a little blustery in Khandallah today, Grandchildren and slavery… hmm there’s an idea
    ACT: Grandchildren are free to do whatever the fuck they want as long as their parents pay for the repairs and don’t expect the taxpayer to pick up the bill
    Conservatives: Grandchildren are to be seen and not heard


  10. Good work. These self-serving pricks want to control what we can and can’t say? Fuck them, we can express our opinions when and wherever the hell we want.

    I see that fat little pinko Farrar is threatening to expose people and send their details to the thought police if they violate their terms.

    NZ needs a wake up call.


  11. New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990
    inter alia:
    • The right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion, and belief, including the right to adopt and hold opinions without interference (Section 13)
    Freedom of expression
    • The right to freedom of expression,
    including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form (Section 14)


  12. OK kiddies. It’s now after 7pm, and that means the grown ups have said its OK to discuss politics. Fire Away.


  13. “So is National going to get enough to go on their own …”

    Even if they do I bet they’ll still brown-nose the Separatist Party and form a coalition with them like last time. Key cares not one iota what the traditional National voter-base thinks or wants – a traitor in every sense of the word.


  14. cunting Simon Power’s departing gift, a voting system that favours socialist arsehole govts.,… fuck you Powerluster you turncoat. Go back to felching Cullen at least you didn’t fail at that


  15. The CP don’t exist on TV One’s coverage. Looks like Banks has a shot at getting in. Brash will not. Craig will not. Dung possibly gone. National will have to do a deal with Maaari and Keith Lock’s communists.


  16. So 55% of the population want a right wing govt, but they will get served up a leftist trash second hand socialist pile of excrement


  17. NZ First will be scaring some of those sanguine Nat bloggers and commentators out there. See, this is what happens as a result of the Nats focusing on all of this “liberal” bullshit – you ebb away a good slice of what should be your base supporters and the “liberals” don’t vote for you either. Just like what happened to ACT.


  18. I really wasn’t expecting Peters to get in at all, but it looks like he’s set to grab 8 seats. The media have done their job, I guess.

    I think ACT will get 1 seat, but I think this term will be the end for them, The next election will likely have a stronger following on the Conversatives and ACT will be finished.


  19. yep the communist media have influenced this election. No investigative journalism into the Greens, pulled Winston out of the grave, and killed off National’s 50%+ majority. Not to mention the slanderous coverage of Brash and ACT in General. Then there is the media blackout of the conservative party…


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