Jeremy Clarkson- Right Wingers Were The Ones Put Up Against The Wall

The NZ Herald’s stable of progressive writers includes one Paul Thomas, whom I have a grudging admiration for given he actually has responded quite cordially to some of my emails.

Paul is commonly found way in the back of the Herald assaulting some right wing concept or personality with a full armoury of the usual left wing examples of misinformation, misconceptions and misunderstandings and today chooses to join the left wing clamour in the UK against Jeremy Clarkson.

Clarkson is only mildly right wing if he is at all. All it takes to qualify as such these days in the minds of lefties like Paul Thomas is to be politically incorrect.

(I have never seen Michael Laws as right wing, however he is another media personality who apparently qualifies because he frequently challenges left wing dictates on what it is “approved speech”.)

You can support all kind of big government initiatives, but as soon as you break those speech codes that are so precious to the left, you’re immediately labelled as far to the right of Attilla The Hun.

Paul’s complaints are about Clarkson’s off the cuff comment that unionists should be shot. This makes Clarkson wildly right wing in Paul’s stunted political perceptions. However Mr Thomas overlooks one thing. While Jeremy Clarkson might offhandedly joke about such events, those on Paul Thomas’s side of the political spectrum were, throughout history, out there doing it.

100 million citizens perceived as right wing by left wing governments were deliberately murdered last century. And the perpetrators are still regarded as heroes in most western universities. From Joe Stalin to Che Guevera these mass murderers are worshipped and held up as political icons.

Its not the Jeremy Clarksons of this world we need to watch out for, its the progressives like Paul Thomas and their political ilk. History proves it.

2 thoughts on “Jeremy Clarkson- Right Wingers Were The Ones Put Up Against The Wall

  1. Clarkson is only mildly right wing if he is at all

    Clarkson works for the BBC – he is basically a “blokey” face of the most insidious communist propaganda organization known to man.

    Of course he’s a lefty.


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