National Capitulates on Education

I see that John Key has given the Education portfolio to Hekia Parata.

Hekia is one of the most left wing politically correct losers in the National Party. (and that is saying something)

I can’t believe these damn fools would give her Education.

The Education Ministry needs a strong leader with the cojones to take on the communist teacher’s unions and the disgusting extreme left Wellington central bureaucracy, who daily stream their collectivist edicts to their comrades in the manner of Soviet Central Command.

In terms of what is needed to deal with these socialist bastards, Hekia Parata is in another galaxy.

I guess its just another surrender by National to the left, and another sign that they’re just one more bunch of clueless left wing fuckwits taking this country right down the socialist sewer, just at a slightly slower rate than Labour.

Education. So important and they give it to Hekia.

Just utterly useless, the lot of them.

13 thoughts on “National Capitulates on Education

  1. It’s a sign that the small, pusillanimous steps they took in this area in their first term is now all but finished.

    I just read about her in Wikipedia. She’s just a trough feeding, gravy training parasite . . her entire career.

    She initially pursued a career in the state sector, eventually becoming Deputy Chief Executive of Te Puni Kōkiri, the Ministry of Maori Development.[3][4] She also served on the boards of New Zealand On Air (a broadcasting funding authority)[5] and the Ngai Tahu Development Corporation. Later, she moved into the private sector, establishing Gardiner and Parata Ltd, a small consultancy firm.

    Parata’s name was connected to an investigation by the State Services Commissioner Don Hunn into the improper use of public funds in the purchase of two vehicles for her partner (and at that time Te Puni Kokiri Chief Executive) Wira Gardiner in 1995. Parata’s name was on the purchase orders issued by the Ministry, although it eventually became known that the cars were paid by and for Mr Gardiner at the time of purchase. The investigation cleared both Gardiner and Parata of any illegal activity, and the cars were returned to the Ministry for re-sale at a Government auction.[6]

    In 1997, Parata was appointed by the then Prime Minister Jim Bolger as a member of the Towards 2000 Taskforce, to “advise the Government on the appropriate “vision”, events for the [millennium] celebrations and national projects of lasting public benefit”[7]

    Parata’s consultancy firm was contracted to recommend the best options for providing “ongoing high quality Maori advice” to then chief executive Christine Rankin and senior managers at Work and Income in 1999, at a cost of $207,500. The expenditure was criticised by Green MP Rod Donald, as the Maori unemployment rate rose during this period from 27 to 29%[8] The firm also attracted controversy when National MP Murray McCully criticised the spending of $240,000 by the Ministry of Economic Development for training courses on the Treaty of Waitangi run by the company in 2003.[9]

    In 2001, Parata was appointed to the Māori Television Service Board.[10] She resigned within two months, reportedly blaming a “lack of funding” for the new Maori TV channel.[11][12]


  2. Brave Tolley may have been, but given that 3 years on New Zealand still does not have a National Standards regime, and she didn’t manage to crush the opposition from either the marxist teachers or the marxist principals, she was also ineffective at best, and incompetent at worst.

    One of two possibilities: (1 – and not very likely) they’ve named Parata to be the acceptable face of a massive push by Banks to do the job properly, giving National (again) a convenient scape goat for implementing policies that might be seen as extreme, or (2 – and very likely) they’re giving it to Parata in a complete surrender to the marxist teachers’ and principals’ unions.


  3. Spot on, bar a small correction; Cojones not cajones, which means drawers or big boxes or coffins in Spanish.

    [R: fixed, and thanks.]

    Parata has no option but to deliver!


  4. Actually Gantt, I deleted that aside.

    I’m not actually sure what was behind Tolley’s demotion. She may have asked for it.

    I don’t know for sure, so I can’t really accuse Key of betrayal. I did though predict it.

    ..and the reason I think she was so ineffective was lack of support from National and Key in particular.

    Key has said damn all on the state of eduction. Loser.


  5. Yeah but to be fair, he’s been so busy giving the foreshore and seabed away to radical separatists, sacrificing the economy at the Alter of Gaia, and being “relaxed” about ignoring 88% of his employers’ wishes on his anti-parenting law, betraying 100% of his employers on mining and mincing about like a fucking idiot that he hasn’t really had time to make much of a statement on education, has he?


  6. You know, all National Standards will do is increase Government control over education – which is not a good thing. That’s why I’ve been against them from the beginning. And then I read them and was even less impressed. So I think it’s fantastic that the teachers have put up such a fight against the Government, shows the people still have power (yes, teachers are people too!).

    After saying all that I have no faith in National doing anything other than bumbling along in education, though the charter schools look interesting. But if they just end up being Government controlled – it would defeat the whole purpose of having alternatives.


  7. LM, I don’t want this to descend into a debate on National Standards, but what I will say is if it’s a choice between a league table with stats and graphs versus a whole lot of weasel words which say absolutely nothing about how my child is doing as a representation against her peers or the level at which she would be expected to be performing, I know which I would choose.

    And my comment wasn’t intended to offer an opinion one way or another on National Standards. My comment was that Tolley was given a job to do, and she failed to do it thanks in large part to the very group of people most responsible for the degradation of our civilisation!


  8. Gantt,

    National Standards was never about education – it was about the Government vs the people. It was about National wanting to make their mark, never mind if their mark was actually worthwhile. Tolley stood on the side of the Government.

    If you want to know how your child is doing educationally, don’t trust the teachers or league tables or stats or graphs – get involved and stay involved. The big problem with education today is that too many parents leave the teaching of their children solely to the teachers. If you know what your child should be able to do at various stages of life, then you’ll know what is essential teaching and what is bullshit. Most of what is taught at school is useless, and then the Government wants to apply standards to all that uselessness! It’s crazy.

    But then I’m a home-schooler. I have really whacky views on education. 🙂


  9. Lucia- the power that the communist teacher’s unions have over the education system must be broken.

    No matter how, no matter when, that milestone must be achieved.

    Nothing will do more for freedom and the wealth and prosperity and social well being of NZ than the destruction of the teacher’s unions.

    Its not a short term thing, its a long term battle and it has to be won. The crippling of the education system at the hands of these monstrous ideologues is at the root of every problem this country faces.

    Whatever measure reduces their power must be supported.

    Don’t loose sight of the long term goal.


  10. Red,

    The only way to do that is to remove education from Government control – even down to allowing the Government to dictate who can and cannot teach and what can be taught. Kill two birds with one stone that way.


  11. I’m not actually sure what was behind Tolley’s demotion

    failing to enforce National standards and failing to destroy to communist schools are to fucking good reasons.

    I hope Parata starts on the right foot. Just give every school board a choice:
    1. Enforce full National standards
    2. Chose Charter Status
    3. The schools is closed down, the buildings are bulldozed.

    Announce it tomorrow, demand decisions by Friday.

    The very first thing to remember about education in NZ is that parents who love their children are already sending their kids to private schools!

    The fact that only 5% of NZ parents love their children explains an awful lot about the country


  12. yep that the populace are fucking broke from having their pocket booked filched non stop by a bunch of thieving cunts, who are collectively herding that same population to the cliffs edge, where the Gaiaist want every fucker to jump of from to save the fucking planet


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