Retiring Australian Broadcasting Corp Chairman Agrees With Redbaiter

ABC chairman Maurice Newman is retiring. The Australian reports-

He once angered ABC staff by saying the media was guilty of “groupthink”. And he believes the media failed to predict the global financial crisis.

“It’s one of the reasons we see more and more people going to the internet, and why we see the global trust surveys showing the mainstream media is losing the trust of its audiences,” he said.

“Journalist schools tend to turn out partisan journalists rather than ones with a more open mind. That is an issue for universities, frankly.”

Damn right its a matter for universities, but it won’t be fixed until they are freed from the desperate clutch of the academic Marxists who control them today, and make them practically worthless as places of learning.

Pride and regrets as ABC chairman Maurice Newman heads for the exit

3 thoughts on “Retiring Australian Broadcasting Corp Chairman Agrees With Redbaiter

  1. Hilarious.

    Newman is trying to get on the right side of history for his legacy’s sake.
    This Little Comrade Thumbsucker was happy to let the Their ABC collective operate unmolested for the duration of his reign.


  2. Who the fuck wants anything “nonpartisan”?

    what is needed is brutally partisan — on the side of freedom, on the side of enterprise, on the side of worthwhile individual and even more strongly completely against the socialist scum.


  3. Too right, B2. Arse-covering scumbag that he is.
    How to get rid of the Marxist academics, though? They’ve cloned hundreds–if not thousands–of the same slimy collectivists. Any replacement is likely to be infected already.


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