Taxpayer provides 60,000 “disadvantaged” TV viewers with set top boxes

Business Day NZ reports-

Up to 60,000 disadvantaged television viewers may be provided with digital set-top boxes paid for by the Government so they can continue watching television when analogue transmissions are shut next year and in 2013, an official says.

Former Broadcasting Minister Jonathan Coleman committed last year to an assistance package for “those who really need it”.

Just the same old sickening socialist crap. Maybe someone can explain how having a TV makes one “disadvantaged”, and how there are 60,000 such people in NZ.

Sounds like a few good opportunities for cronyism or political favoritism in the supply of the set top boxes too.

Sky Television spokeswoman Kirsty Way said Sky and its Igloo joint venture with Television New Zealand had expressed interest in supplying the boxes, but both were turned down. Neither was invited to participate in a subsequent closed tender..

National and Labour are just peas in a pod, the same bunch of thieving socialist scum, and why they each sit on different sides of parliament house is beyond me.

Free digital TV on cards for disadvantaged viewers

10 thoughts on “Taxpayer provides 60,000 “disadvantaged” TV viewers with set top boxes

  1. Not that any more proof was needed, but, another example of a govt actively promoting retardation in this country.
    Be lucky to have 60,000 taxpayers left in three years if they keep this (and all the other stupid evil) shit up.


  2. Key has just handed out a $500000 prize to NIWA & Otago University for their outstanding research into how climate change is affecting the oceans.

    ’nuff said.


  3. Yep, more theft, corruption and continued [taxpayer funded] propaganda programmes by Traitor Key and his band of Marxist thieves.

    Rope, noose, a long drop followed by a short wait.


  4. Yeah, Angus, I heard that “Prime Minister’s award for science” announcement on the news as well. Even before I heard what area of science those awarded were from I just KNEW it would be linked to the fraudulent ‘climate change’. So these complicit ‘scientists’ are to get half a million NZ$ for coming up with some BS method of reducing CO2 in our oceans. Unbelievable! How do these charlatans sleep at night?!

    And isn’t it strange how those genuine scientists who have blown the whole corrupt ‘climate change’ fiasco out of the water never even get a mention, let alone some award for a job well done … [yeah, yeah, and then I woke up].

    This highlights yet another reason why Traitor Key should be strung up!


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  6. You can add on the costs of ariels, satellite dishes and installation onto those boxes, too!

    Got to get that state propaganda and the mind-numbing soap opera/unreality TV shit out there!


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