NZ Herald Writer Says Journalists Lack Skepticism

Yeah sure, NZ journalists lack skepticism, but there are a lot of reasons for this.

One is they are not really journalists. They’re political advocates who have infiltrated the media and are pretending to be journalists.

Two is that they couldn’t be skepticial if they tried, given they’ve been totally brainwashed by Marxist tutors during their immersion in the NZ university system.

Three is that they all know that the climate change scam is a plank of the left’s global government/ taxation imitative, and they’re all right behind this. The greater good you know.

Very few of them can ever write from anything other than a left wing perspective. That’s why we’re never going to get anything but politically partisan bullshit from the mainstream media. Its just another of our public institutions that has fallen prey to the left and is therefore worthless.

Jim Hopkins says this in the NZ Herald today-

Journalists never admit they’re wrong (see phone hacking). They just stop being wrong. When caught with their sceptical pants down and the spotty globes of their credulity exposed, they simply drop the story and move to something else.

He’s talking about climate change. But of course the real point is that they weren’t really wrong. Its more accurate to say they failed.

Since we got the blogosphere, and were able to break through the Berlin wall around publishing, and bring truth to the public, those lying leftist bastards in the mainstream media have been on the run.

They’re going down like flies, and the massive propaganda onslaught behind the climate change scam has been defeated. Let’s keep the pressure on them bloggers and readers. Truth in the end must always out.

Jim Hopkins- Don’t fret, global warming’s a goner

2 thoughts on “NZ Herald Writer Says Journalists Lack Skepticism

  1. And I hear the CEO of the NYT has just resigned….that’s the first good news to come out of that slimy nest of lefties in a long time. (apart from their collapsing share price, that is)


  2. Only slightly O/T:
    Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) on Thursday said Democrats have an “incredible propaganda machine,” comparing Democrat proficiency to that of a Nazi administration head. “If Joseph Goebbels was around, he’d be very proud of the Democrat Party, because they have an incredible propaganda machine,”
    What pity this man isn’t running for Prez!


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