Tindall’s Carrier- Trade with China and help them on their way to military supremacy

This picture shows China’s new aircraft carrier undergoing sea trials. China’s increasing military spending is unnerving several countries in the South China region, which have standing conflicts with Beijing.

Military observers say the refurbishment of the old Soviet Union carrier is a political signal to the US, who are currently the leading military force in the region.

I know NZ is not the only country infested with business people (like Stephen Tindall) who think trade with China is a good thing, and maybe there’s an argument to support that view.

However China is the second largest military spender in the world, (about $100 billion) and every dollar traded with the Chines Communists, who hold power over their citizens by means of murder and terror, allows them to spend more on their armed forces.

Its a pretty simple equation in the end. Who would you prefer to be the most powerful military force in the world? The tyrannical totalitarian Generals of China’s Communist Party or the democratically elected government of the US?

Trade with the Chinese mainland should only happen after they’ve removed by force or otherwise, the Chinese Communist Party from power.

5 thoughts on “Tindall’s Carrier- Trade with China and help them on their way to military supremacy

  1. Not the place to be if hostilities break out. Think of it as a yet still floating artificial diving reef, if push ever comes to shove.
    USN Virginia class hunter killers will shadow this ship from now until it’s scrapped.


  2. I read online a few months back they’ve (Chinese military) been flexing their muscles. Sank a couple of Vietnamese ships I think it was…


  3. Red chinese carrier is true to the age-old chinese cultural meme of getting “face” through look-see pantomime. In the early years of the last century, it was common practice for local chinese warlords to tie red cloth to the muzzles of their artillery pieces symbolising the muzzle flash – the more red you saw, the more impressed you were supposed to be. The fact that each piece had no ammunition or trained artillerymen was irrelevant.

    Flashing a floating target is the modern-day equivalent.

    Having a carrier is the easy bit, but having a fully operational, combat ready carrier air wing is at the other end of the cosmos in terms of difficulty and investment.


  4. I reckon just pull the plug completely on trading with China. Zero diplomatic and trade relations.

    I don’t think it would have too much of an effect on our economy.


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